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Learn | 03.03.2023

Hamilton Devices Unveils Their New Device: The Butterfly

Learn about the first ever knife design battery by Hamilton Devices. You didn’t know you needed so much until now.

A battery is a necessary component of every stoner’s gear. But you need one with style, something that is eye-catching and unique. And you can rest assured that you won’t find any other battery like this on the market, only at Hamilton Devices.

The Butterfly is the latest Hamilton Devices creation, a battery with the design of a knife. Fortunately, this knife will hurt none. Instead, it will help you feel as light as a butterfly wing while getting high on premium-quality concentrates.

Hamilton Devices Butterfly Review

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Hamilton Devices did an outstanding job creating a battery that looks awesome and different from any other. What is it? A knife-design battery for dabbing concentrates with a contrasting name, the Butterfly.

When you take the Butterfly out of your pockets, it seems like you are grabbing a knife. And when you flip it, there is no blade but a vape cartridge full of precious blade oil with some of the most potent cannabinoids and seductive terpenes.


The Butterfly Vape Battery has an adjustable voltage with three heat settings, 3.2 V, 3.4 V, and 3.7 V. You can tell when it changes because the led changes color between blue, white, and red respectively.

Thanks to heat settings you can choose between a low heat that allows you to enjoy the flavor and save oil, or temperatures from producing more vapor and taking a more potent hit.

Don’t hesitate to explore the heat settings. Your vape oil will never burn when using CELL technology in the Hamilton devices cartridges. The CELL tech distributes the heat evenly on the embedded ceramic coil. Thus, the Butterfly produces more vapor with less heat without ever burning the content.

The Butterly shows its best functionality when vaping a CELL cart.

The battery capacity is 430 mAh, which fully charges in one hour and a half by using a C-type charger.


The design of the Butterfly is the main show. The knife look gives the battery a unique and luxurious appearance. And when you use it, the flipping action that retrieves the cartridge looks simply dope. Plus, playing with the flip is utterly entertaining.

The Butterfly is portable. It sizes 95.5 mm high x 15 mm wide x 30 mm long. It fits perfectly in a pocket to carry it everywhere. Besides its materials make this device durable. The butterfly consists of zinc alloy and anodized housing. In other words, it is hard to break.

Get the Butterfly Battery Vape in Blue, Block, Gold, or Graphite color.


If you like to look good while vaping, the Butterfly Battery Vape is your best choice. Its stylish design is appealing and will make everyone turn their looks on you. And you will love it. Beyond that, the functionality has the remarkable quality of Hamilton Devices products and the proprietary CELL tech.

Buying the Butterfly Battery Vape is a win-win investment. This device preserves the consistency of the vapor production and the flavor quality session after session. You can0t go wrong when choosing the Butterfly as your next device to upgrade your game.

About Hamilton Devices

Hamilton Devices is one of the most reputable online retailers and wholesale distributors of various vape products. You name it batteries, cartridges, bubblers, and pipes. Everything you need is in Hamilton Devices’ catalogue.

Besides, all brand’s products have an innovative design that will make you want them and extra neat functionality that will make you treasure them for life. That is why the brand has earned the hearts of thousands of vaping enthusiasts.

Moreover, Hamilton Devices is a distributor of CELL cartridges and batteries. CELL technology protects the consistency of flavor and vapor production like no other.

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