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Herb’s Top 5 Favorite Tetra Accessories: Combining Design And Function

Calling all smokers looking for aesthetically pleasing products, Tetra has your back.

Photo courtesy of Tetra

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Tetra’s retail shop focuses on “offering beautifully designed smoking objects for aesthetically minded people,” reads their website. The company strives to renew the tradition of putting beautiful and contemporary objects to good use while “celebrating the new rituals of smoking through a lens of great design.”

Without further ado, here are our top five favorite and more affordable Tetra products.

Glass Tanjun Pipe ($48)

Photo courtesy of Tetra

Handmade in Vancouver, BC., the pipe offers a unique staircase shape alongside its smooth and cool borosilicate glass. Tanjun, which translates to “simplicity” in Japanese, is the perfect word for this aesthetically pleasing and modern smoking medium. The company suggests using a .375 mesh screen for a cleaner experience.

Blue Sky Lighter $45

Photo courtesy of Tetra

Made by Tsubota Pearl in Japan, the Blue Sky Lighter is created with a hand-lacquering technique and finished with an uplifting cloud pattern. The lighter has a polycarbonate casing, steel interior, and cotton wick. “Fill with Zippo or Zippo-style lighter fluid, NOT butane.”

Mexican Cast-Glass Ashtray ($45)

Photo courtesy of Tetra

Made in Mexico, the small and heavy ashtray holds a modern triangular shape and is cast in solid smokey glass. Its green tint with a textured surface and visible bubbles may seem fragile, but the ashtray is sturdy and durable enough for indoor and outdoor use.

Cache Jar ($25 & $35)

Photo courtesy of Tetra

Designed by Henry Julier and Pete Oyler, these contemporary, airtight, and light-blocking storage jars are elegant enough to display on your shelves. “The green and purple jars are made from opaque glass, while the blue is a bit more transparent. Because the jars are handmade, there may be faint glass-blowing marks on their tops,” reads the description.

Demi Pipe ($60)

Photo courtesy of Tetra

Made by Philadelphia ceramist Kenni Field, Tetra’s Demi Pipe nestles “perfectly into your hand during use, yet it still stands upright when placed on the table.” The pipe also features a matte finish, an easy-to-clean glazed bowl, and the creator’s initials near the carb.

October 12, 2021
Written by BuzzMusic
October 12, 2021
Written by BuzzMusic
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