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Movies & Munchies: Here’s What Actors Are Using For Weed On Movie Sets

Even the biggest stoners use fake weed on movie sets.

Are movie stars actually getting stoned on set? Probably not. 

But if they’re not smoking weed, what are they using? 

This question has boggled my mind for years. Especially when watching weed-oriented movies like Pineapple Express and Cheech & Chong’s Up In Smoke.

It’s hard to believe that heavy cannabis users like Seth Rogen and Cheech & Chong aren’t really smoking up on set. Chances are, they’re using what’s called “herbal tobacco.”

What's In The Joint?

Photo by Mouthwash Studios

Herbal cigarettes have been around for decades in movies.

According to cinematographer and prop master Jeff Butcher, he says herbal cigarettes can be made of anything like “marshmallows and a bunch of different herbs,” but they don’t have any traces of nicotine. 

In fact, there are tons of companies that sell “buds.” While synthetic buds are only used for the visual aesthetic, they’re still in high demand. 

Ever watched a movie where scenes featured bags and pounds of cannabis? It was all made in a lab. One top company pushing these fake plants is International Oddities. 

Funny enough, it sells a whole whack of fake cannabis products, including different buds that come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and hues. 

Did you know Seth Rogen used fake weed from International Oddities in both Pineapple Express and Knocked Up?

What About Other Drugs?

Photo by Vilnis Husko

It’s not uncommon to hear about actors using powdered sugar to replace cocaine on set. Some even use baking soda and baby laxatives. Who knew?

Prop master Jeff Butcher, who worked on the set of Pineapple Express, said that inositol is also a common replacement for cocaine. 

He explains it’s a “B-vitamin of some kind,” adding that it’s one of the most common fake-cocaine substances on movie sets. 

This particular vitamin even gives off some effects. 

Butcher describes the effects as a little “energy lift, but it is very mild.”

Closing Words

We’re sorry to say that your favorite actor wasn’t actually smoking up on the set of their movie. 

But maybe it’s best to leave that until after they’re done filming. After all, the giggly effect of cannabis might make them break character. 

That said, there was that one time Snoop Dogg told Matthew McConaughey they were smoking “prop weed” on the set of The Beach Bum. When, in fact, it was “Snoop weed.”


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