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Here’s Why You Need To Ditch Your Old Grinder

Most grinders in the market tend to violently shred flower by any means necessary, jeopardizing the weed’s trichome integrity and natural fluff. Created with Flower Mill.

If you ask us, grinding weed is one of the least fun parts of the whole stoner experience. Most grinders people have lying around are impossibly clogged and have become hard to operate due to residue buildup from years of smoking, making the task more of a hassle than it really needs to be.

Usually, this is the best of options, as hand grinding and scissors really introduce more obstacles to the procedure.

Besides the hassle, however, traditional grinders can also end up damaging your weed, affecting its purity, potency, and taste. This is because their teethed surfaces shred the flower with enormous strength, crushing and ripping apart the plant, damaging its natural texture and composition.

This means that in search of an even grind, traditional grinders sacrifice much of the flower’s trichomes, which carry much of the potency and taste that make your weed unique.

Fortunately, weed smokers are no longer bound exclusively to these types of herb grinders, and the market has evolved and brought around better, less forceful ways to get your flower down to a fluffy, rollable state while preserving as much of its natural quality as possible.

The Benefits Of A Grinder That Crumbles

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One of the most exciting approaches to the problem of grinding has been devised by Flower Mill’s grinders, a company built to provide a grinding experience that’s as pleasant as possible for both the weed and the smoker.

The main difference between Flower Mill and your run-off-the-mill teethed grinder is the type of force applied to the flower.

Instead of the shredding and crushing delivered by teeth, Flower Mill grinders work by continuously rolling the herb against the screen, allowing it to crumble where it would naturally break apart, resulting in an even grind, an even burn, and a satisfying stoner.

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Taking a look at the result of this process, the difference is obvious: flower ground with Flower Mill is fluffier, greener, more aromatic, and just generally more attractive.

The process is also meant to preserve the trichomes attached to the flower, which means you should be able to tell the difference when you smoke, feeling more of the plant’s flavor and effects.

After using a grinder like this one, it’s evident that although average grinders can do the job just fine by shredding and tearing apart, there’s a way to grind that’s easier on you and on your flower, a way to grind that makes you both happier.

Other Benefits Of Flower Mill Grinders

Photo courtesy of Flower Mill

We’ve talked about weed texture and trichome preservation but recurring to a grinder like these brings along other nifty benefits you may enjoy. For instance, this is a grinder that’s unlikely to clog.

If you pay close attention to the grinding process that goes on inside a typical grinder, the flower is forcefully pressed against the device’s walls, ceilings, and floors, causing it to stick.

This is annoying because it makes grinding harder in the long run, but also because you could end up losing all that flower stuck to your grinder, and detaching it and cleaning it away is a chore in itself.

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Flower Mill grinders are also easier to clean, not only because herb won’t find a way to get stuck everywhere, but also because it comes apart totally, allowing you to scrub each part individually.

You can also fit considerably more weed into this grinder than what you can in a teethed grinder of equal size.

Without those pesky teeth, the grinding chamber remains wide open, allowing you to fit in whole nuggets of flower, up to 3.5 g of flower at a time.

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