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Learn | 03.16.2023

How Multi-Phase Filtration Works With Weedgets

Learn more about smoke filtration and the best products for clean, smooth, filtered hits.

Coughing is out, and protecting your lungs is in. Whether you smoke pipes, joints, or any other method, all stoners can benefit from filtration.

Unfortunately, water doesn’t cut it. Neither do mesh screens that only protect you from Scoobie snacks. The ugly truth is that filterless smoke brings hot resin and tar into the mouth and lungs, which tastes horrible and damages lung health over time.

Devices like the Weedgets Maze-X Pipe have solved this issue with what’s called multi-phase filtration. Not only does this filtration method keep you from inhaling impurities, but it smooths and cleans the smoke to ensure the least lung and throat irritation possible.

Looking to experience multi-phase filtration? See below for more information about what it is, how it works, and the best devices to experience it with.

What Is Multi-Phase Filtration & How Does It Work?

The name is almost self-explanatory. Multi-phase filtration comprises multiple ways in which smoke from cannabis is filtered. So, while pieces like bongs provide water filtration, this is only one filtration method, not multiple.

The are many benefits of multi-phase filtration. For starters, the smoke must pass through various phases of filtration, which ensures you’re only getting the cleanest smoke possible without Scoobie snacks or invisible impurities.

Because the smoke must pass through various filters, it can also create an elongated airpath from the cannabis to your mouth, which smooths the smoke and reduces the risk of throat irritation. Simply put, if you have the opportunity to use more than one filter while smoking cannabis, do it. There are no drawbacks with multi-phase filtration, only benefits.

Experience Multi-Phase Filtration Today

Smoking cannabis often results in extreme coughing, Scoobie snacks, and bong lips/resin lips, all of which are unpleasant to experience.

Extreme coughing and inhaling resin can also damage lung health over time. That’s why multi-phase filtration is becoming increasingly popular among the cannabis community. To experience this new filtration method, look to Weedgets and their Maze-X Pipe, often referred to as the Tesla of smoking devices.

Maze-X Pipe

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This cutting-edge device was designed to reduce coughing. It cools smoke while removing hot resin and tar to ensure your lungs stay well protected. When it comes down to multi-phase filtration, the Maze-X Pipe has an elongated airpath to purify, clean, and cool smoke.

Before the smoke reaches your mouth, it has one last stop, the removable mouth filter tip (which can also be used for joints). This filter tip blocks resin and tar while ensuring no Scoobie snacks get past. Finally, the body is made of aircraft-grade hard anodized aluminum that also helps cool the smoke before inhaling. This is the future of cannabis consumption.

Get your Maze-X Pipe at a 20% discount with the code 4mylungs at checkout.

Weedgets Doob Tube Kit

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If you’re more of a joint smoker, we highly encourage the addition of Weedgets’ Doob Tube Kit, an integrated, reusable, easy-to-clean joint filter and smell-proof storage case for your doobie. The filter guarantees that your mouth and lungs are free of hot resin, tar, and Scoobie snacks, ensuring they’re protected and not irritated. It cools and smoothens the smoke for delightful sessions with each use.

Weedgets Cooling Filter Tips

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For a more casual yet highly effective option, check out Weedgets’ Cooling Filter Tips. Available in different sizes and colors, these silicone tips eliminate smoke harshness and remove resin and tar while reducing coughs. They keep your fingers from danking up a storm, and they protect your lungs from inhaling harsh impurities in one easy-to-clean silicone filter. Use it with joints, pre-rolls, one-hitters, small chillums, and pipes.

For more products and information about Weedgets, visit their website at

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