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How To Buy Weed Online In California

Easy peasy lemon heezy.

If you haven’t heard by now, then you probably live under a rock, and if that’s the case, you can still get weed delivered to you. As long as that rock has an address and you have a phone, your weed is just a few taps away. 

With companies like Eaze, getting weed delivered has become easier than ever. All you need is to have been born before 2001, easy, right? With the whole world doing more and more online shopping, buying weed online in California seems like a logical next step for the weed industry.

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California’s cannabis industry, operating at over a billion in annual sales already, is set to get a whole lot bigger. That’s not to say that dispensaries haven’t taken to the internet to host their wares already. They do. The thing is, not many of these dispensaries offer delivery services, and if they do, can you trust it?

Can I Buy Weed Online In California?

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That depends. Are you over 21 years of age? Or 18 with a medical ID? Then yes, you can buy weed online in California.

In the context of all California’s variable state, city, and county laws surrounding cannabis, the legal ability to buy weed online ultimately comes down to what kind of service you are looking to get. 

How Old Do I Have To Be To Purchase Weed Online In California?

Many dispensaries offer their menu online, and some of those dispensaries allow you to register membership with them online as well.

If you’re 18-20, you have to provide documentation that you are a current medical cardholder with a valid doctor recommendation for cannabis in the state of California. Still, afterward, a treasure trove of products is available for purchase online.

What Kind Of Cannabis Products Can I Buy in California?

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California has made almost every cannabis product available for state residents. Both recreational users and medical weed patients have access to the same kind of products from dispensaries. And you can order it online.

This includes:

  • Concentrates
  • Edibles
  • Flower
  • Vape carts and disposable pens
  • Tinctures

California is known for having an extensive product selection of cannabis products. And they taste amazing while providing a variety of dose levels from mild to not-so-mild. Options for consumption vary tremendously.

Increasing in popularity would be edibles; types include gummies, cookies, breakfast bars, cannabis-infused beverages. There are also some fantastic chocolate-covered (everything) edible varieties, including dried fruits.

Where Can I Buy Weed Online In California?

There is a massive amount of delivery services popping up everywhere. Some offer pretty great deals but limited selection. Others offer a great selection and deals but probably don’t deliver near you. Currently, the most popular delivery service is Eaze.

They deliver all up and down California and if you feel they’ve missed your area, worry not. Eaze is constantly expanding its delivery locations.

Will California Dispensaries Deliver Weed If I Am Not Home?

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The procedure for ordering cannabis online is the same as buying it in person at a dispensary. You are required to show proof of residency and photo identification, which determines that you are over the age of 21 years before you place your order.

When it comes to delivery, it’s not like Amazon. And that’s actually a good thing. Imagine how quickly that package would disappear if you know your areas are prone to have nosy neighbors with sticky fingers. You have to be home to receive your cannabis.


Buying weed online has never been made easier. You’re already on your phone all day; you might as well be scrolling through Eaze’s menu and maybe discover a new favorite. 

And remember, using HERB30, you’ll get $30 off your first delivery!

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