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How To Choose The Best Delta 8 THC Edibles

Quality Delta 8 THC edibles are just a click away. Discreet, delicious, and full of benefits.

Delta 8 THC has been making its rounds throughout the cannabis industry and is quickly outpacing other naturally-occurring cannabinoids like CBD and regular Delta 9 THC.

When looking at the cannabis community as a whole, not everyone wants a heavy high that leaves them feeling euphoric and mega-lifted.

Many people in the cannabis community don’t enjoy the act of smoking, whether they want to maintain their lung health or keep cannabis off their breath. Fortunately, there are other more discreet ways to consume your favorite cannabinoids, without the need to put yourself in the spotlight.

For this reason, we wanted to shed more light on different Delta 8 THC edibles and their unique effects. Here’s a guide to our favorite Delta 8 THC edibles to help steer you in the right direction.

Bluerazz Rocket Gummies

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These amazing-tasting gummies are packed with Delta 8, with 25 mg per gummy. Get ready for an out-of-this-world experience with Bluerazz Rocket Gummies from Galaxy Treats.

Available in packs of 20 gummies or in convenient and portable 2-packs, for those on-the-go cravings.

Starberry D8 Gummies

Derived from hemp and made with premium ingredients, these out-of-this-world strawberry-flavored gummies are the ideal choice for any occasion that you want to feel uplifted and motivated.

Galaxy Treats has made these Starberry Gummies with an incredible ratio of 25 mg of Delta 8 per gummy, the pack of 20 gummies contains 500 mg in total. Can you believe it?

Also available in handy little packs of two gummies for those unexpected cravings.

Cookies & Cream Chocolate Bar

Need some cookies and cream in your life?… To be honest, we all need it.

Look no further than Eighty Six’s Cookies & Cream Delta 8 THC Chocolate Bar.

With its brilliant and bold flavor, the white chocolate is smooth, rich, and also contains 300 mg Delta 8 THC, holding a hefty 25 mg per piece.

Eighty Six’s Chocolate Bars will leave you calm and stress-free so they are best taken at night. Also available in chocolate milk flavor.

Sour Peach Rings

Eighty Six also wanted to share the love with those who devour sour gummies through their Sour Peach Rings.

There’s honestly nothing like a sour peach ring smothered in a sweet and sour sugar powder that gives each bite a rich, mouth-watering flavor.

Each package comes with 300 mg Delta 8 THC, but each gummy contains a whopping 30 mg for a laid-back, chilled experience.

Delta 8 edibles are an ideal option to consume this cannabinoid, they are discreet, portable, and above all delicious. Try them and enjoy unique experiences.

Chamoy Peach Rings

Last but certainly not least is Eighty Six’s Chamoy Peach Rings. These gummies are your best bet for those who enjoy the sweet and slightly spicy flavor of chamoy.

Eighty Six takes pride in these particular edibles because their sweet and spicy blend is enough to please the palate of anyone who indulges.

Although these gummies are binge-worthy, proceed with caution, as each gummy contains 30 mg Delta 8 THC, 300 mg per package.

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