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Humulene: Everything You Have To Know About The Hoppy Terpene

Have you ever noticed an earthy, woody, or almost beer-like aroma while consuming flowers? If you had, then you probably tried the only terpene found in both hops and cannabis: humulene.

Like other cannabinoids, terpenes exist in cannabis and cannabis-related plants and flowers. Once thought to be only responsible for the distinctive aroma of cannabis-related plants, they are an evolutionary defense mechanism against predators. 

Terpenes work hand in hand with other cannabinoids like THC or CBD to impact cannabis treatments, besides contributing to the aromas, undertones, and a variety of effects.

Treatment-wise, humulene is a terpene that has a lot to offer.

Although it is as common as Pinene or Myrcene, it provides support to many ailments. This is due to its anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antitumor, and anti-bacterial properties.

What Is Humulene Terpene

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Humulene, also known as α-humulene or α–caryophyllene, is one of the 200 terpenes found in cannabis. The Humulus lupulus plants (commonly called hops) are rich in this cannabinoid. This gives its distinctive earthy aroma to beer in the brewing process.

This distinctively bitter terpene is common in many plants. This includes marsh elders, tobacco, and many other herbs and spices like sage, ginseng, or coriander.

In Chinese traditional medicine, is it has been used for its energy and weight loss properties with gingseng.


Humulene Terpene Benefits

The medical and therapeutical potential of humulene is present in many forms. Besides its earthy and beer-like flavor, the cannabinoid may assist with weight loss, pain, bacterial infections, and has plenty of beneficial effects on health.

Here are some of the most important benefits we found:


When talking about metabolic processes, this terpene acts as an appetite suppressant or anorectic. By working with other chemicals, it stimulates weight loss by helping with appetite and other disorders. 

Other studies have found that, when used orally or inhaled through aerosol, humulene can help with allergies and other inflammatory diseases.

Physical Discomfort

Like many other terpenes present in cannabis, humulene has anti-inflammatory properties and can reduce pain. It is a potent pain reliever that can be applied topically or ingested and has been used throughout history with balms or essential oils.

These anti-inflammatory properties are powerful enough to compare it to dexamethasone, a commonly used steroid medicine.

Bacterial Infections

Besides being useful against fungus, this terpene has many antibacterial properties. This can aid infection treatments when administered in small quantities. It has also been found that humulene is effective against Staphylococcus and has historically been useful in treating diseases in folk medicine.

Anti Tumor

Evidence has shown that our superstar terpene aids by inhibiting tumor growth. This happens by stimulating the production of reactive oxygen species. These chemicals are known to help destroy cancer cells by turning off their antioxidant processes.

Humulene Terpene Effects

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Like most terpenes, humulene adds its distinctive personality to the strain it’s in. Its subtle undertones are great for earthy and woody flavor lovers. And this cannabinoid works best against inflammation, bacterial infections, and even weight loss.

The weight-loss property of humulene is no joke. The anorectic property of this terpene acts stronger when it is combined with beta-caryophyllene.

Some even called it the “dietary cannabinoid” of terpenes.  When combined with other cannabinoids, THC, and CBD, it can provide great health benefits.

Humulene Aroma

This cannabinoid gives the flower a special spicy, herbaceous, and somewhat floral aroma.

Although similar to myrcene and pinene, this terpene appears in slightly fewer quantities. The strain’s flavor profile is subtle and can give secondary notes such as wood, spices, and herbs. This is due to being an isomer of beta-caryophyllene, another terpene.

Combined with pinene though, our hoppy friend can provide a piney aroma or even a fresh cut grass smell. These notes are present in humulene-rich strains, even though they can be subtle and more of an undertone that is more easily noticeable while exhaling.

Humulene is usually found in sativa strains and Cannabaceae related plants, such as cloves. Hence, its earthy and ground tones can be found while consuming flowers, or even having a hoppy beer.

Strains With High Humulene Terpene

Here are some of our favorite, humulene-rich strains:

Death Star

The Death Star is a deeply relaxing and sedating strain that guarantees a euphoric, yet mellow experience. As an indica-dominant hybrid, the Death Star packs a powerful flavor matched with a heavy body sensation.

Better suited for winding down evenings or binging your favorite show, this flower is the child of the indica Sensei Star (known for body relaxation) and sativa Sour Diesel (known for its strong aroma).


The famous Headband, is a lemony-based strain that will help with stressful evenings or as a support to ease some pain. 

The classic indica-dominant strain wraps around your head like a fluffy embrace that can last up to 3 hours. This sweet yet pungent flower is also helpful against depression, anxiety, migraines, or even insomnia.

Thin Mint GSC

Thin Mint GSC is a Girl Scout Cookie variant that promises a head high that will leave you fully loosened. The indica-dominant hybrid strain has some tropical and sweet notes, that mixed with the hoppy undertones will chill you out after a long day.

Original Glue

Original Glue is a potent hybrid strain not to be underestimated. As one of the strongest strains, it packs a unique kushy flavor. This high in THC flower is suitable for stress and is guaranteed to make you feel relaxed, with some happy vibes.

As an earthy, yet pungent strain, it gets some of the best indica effects, like relaxation. Its chocolate and coffee undertones will make you stick to your sofa for a while.


Candyland is a sweet sativa strain that is perfect for creative moments, a walk through the park, or even a busy-yet-productive morning. With an enjoyable, productive feeling, this strain is amazing for appetite and motivation.

Great for a mental boost or a mellow body buzz, this strain is plenty strong and guarantees a smooth, mellow taste with hoppy undertones.

If you want to try something new, we recommend the THCV + Delta 8 Candyland cartridge by Binoid.


This pain-relieving, euphoric, and uplifting strain is known for its earthy, hoppy flavors. The Stardawg has a huge THC content that delivers an exceptional cerebral buzz with a comfortable and manageable high.

The distinctive diesel aroma with some hints of citrus guarantees an upbeat night out, perfect for social gatherings or productive days.

Dogwalker OG

This balanced hybrid child will provide a cerebral yet calming high. The Dogwalker OG has a complex flavor profile: woody, earthy, and even skunky undertones are more than present.

Besides its medical properties, its diesel-based aroma and high THC content will help with stress, pain, and even anxiety. Some even say it can help relieve pain or appetite loss symptoms.

Maui Wowie

The Maui Wowie is a bright sativa strain that will leave you refreshed and ready for the day. 

While it can provide relaxation, it is also guaranteed to get you into the Heavy Buzz zone. Try this tropical experience with sweet fruity flavors and humulene notes that provide a high-energy euphoria.

If you want to try something new, we recommend the THC-O Maui Wowie cartridge by Binoid.

Red Eye OG

This newcomer pure Indica cannabis strain is noticeable for its earthy, piney, and sweet flavors. The Red Eye OG guarantees a sedative high with cerebral effects that are perfect for sleeping or watching movies.

This spicy yet sweet flower provides munchies big time, so prepare yourself a king-sized snack and a few of your favorite binging shows.

Humulene Rundown

As with any other terpene found in cannabis, our hoppy buddy humulene is notorious for giving its distinct flavor and undertones to the flower.

With multiple health benefits such as anti-inflammation, anti-bacterial, and antitumor properties, this terpene is great. Not only it reminds us of beer with its earthy and piney flavor, but it also provides support to many ailments and even medical conditions.

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