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Learn | 11.12.2021

Is It Okay To Be A Stoner Mom? This Book Tells It All

The answer is yes, duh.

Calling all weed moms. Many adult marijuana users, especially women with children, often feel a sense of remorse for smoking cannabis. But this is nothing more than feeding into the stigma that cannabis shouldn’t be consumed past the age of early adulthood, which is far from the truth.

This is why passionate author and cannabis enthusiast Danielle Simone decided to write her book “Weed Mom: The Canna-Curious Women’s Guide To Healthier Relaxation, Happier Parenting, And Chilling TF Out.” The book helps navigate the worlds of cannabis and parenting through a helpful guide for women who want to learn more about THC, dispensaries, micro-dosing, edibles, and how to combine it with healthy family life.

Now that we’re getting closer to national marijuana legalization, more mothers than ever are seeking information on how to safely use cannabis for various reasons. This group, known as “weed moms,” are trailblazers breaking the social stigma involving cannabis and parenting. Now, they seem to be creating a culture that’s entirely their own.

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In an interview with Shannon, founder, and writer at Weed Mama, she asked Simone, “Where’s the line between it [cannabis use] becoming a problem and when it’s therapeutic?”

“I am an advocate, absolutely. I know how helpful and healing this plant can be, but just like anything, we can overuse it or rely on it too much. In chapter nine, I talk about cannabis use disorder, but for me, cannabis is about enhancing my presence and mindfulness, not about checking out. So being mindful, always, with our cannabis consumption is important,” Simone responded.

Later, when discussing how many women feel guilty using cannabis, especially mothers, Shannon asked Simone how she overcame this stigma and what made her decide to use cannabis.

“After one hit of a vape pen, one small puff, it was just enough to give me an embodied experience on my yoga mat. I said, ‘I want to see what this is about,’ and it turns out it was a beautiful experience and something I felt could enhance my life in the future if I was a little more open-minded and let it in,” replied Simone.

“Weed Mom” is the first and only book for the motherly cannabis culture. It celebrates how cannabis can make mothers happier, help them destress, and improve their platonic and romantic relationships.

The book is loaded with information for first-time or seasoned cannabis users and offers much advice surrounding the basics of THC and CBD, what to look for at a dispensary, different intake methods, micro-dosing, cannabis-friendly talking points for family and friends, and how to use cannabis to improve your romantic relationships. Find the “Weed Mom” book here.

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