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Learn | 03.16.2023

Is THCA Psychoactive?

The answer is yes and no.

New cannabinoids can be confusing. For starters, Delta-8 THC is known for producing a milder high compared to the primary psychoactive cannabinoid Delta-9 THC.

Later, we had other newcomers like THC-P, another hemp-derived cannabinoid that’s impressively 30x stronger than Delta-9 THC. In this guide, we’ll discuss another new cannabinoid called THCA and its psychoactive potential.

THCA is a hemp-derived cannabinoid that’s quickly taking the market by storm. Products like Bloomz’s THCA Hemp Flower are helping consumers better understand the psychoactive ability of this special compound.

See below for more information about whether THCA is psychoactive or not and the best (and most trusted) THCA product to experiment with.

Bloomz THCA Hemp Flower

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Bloomz does cannabinoid-centric flower best. Their THCA Hemp Flower is a stellar addition to their potent product lineup.

It’s the perfect way to experiment with the psychoactive ability of THCA. But don’t experiment too hard, as this flower is incredibly potent. Bloomz is praised for this particular flower and its incredible mental and physical experience, similar to the high of Delta-9 THC, which we discuss in more detail below.

Bloomz’s premium quality THCA Hemp Flower is available in 3.5g and 7g options, also in the following strains:

  • Indica: Grape Frosty, Han Solo, Platinum OG, Airheadz
  • Sativa: Guava Cookies
  • MAC (Miracle Alien Cookies), Sprite

More importantly, it’s federally legal per the 2018 Farm Bill. Even though it produces a wicked high, you’ll be in the legal clear.

Read on to learn more about the psychoactive potential of THCA.

Is THCA Psychoactive?

Here’s what you need to know about whether THCA is psychoactive. The answer can be confusing: yes and no.

Let’s start with the no. THCA is a hemp-derived cannabinoid that does not produce any psychoactive effects without heat. Brands like Bloomz are selling THCA flower that’s legal under the 2018 Farm Bill because it’s not technically Delta-9 THC…yet.

Interestingly, THCA is the precursor to Delta-9 THC, the primary psychoactive cannabinoid that produces the infamous weed high. When THCA contacts heat, it undergoes a process called decarboxylation that activates the cannabinoid’s psychoactive properties.

Simply put, THCA turns into Delta-9 THC with heat, like inside a vape chamber or through combustion. Using Bloomz’s THCA Hemp Flower as an example, you’re purchasing a non-psychoactive and federally legal product that turns into Delta-9 THC when heated.

Therefore, THCA is psychoactive when heated and produces the exact same effects as Delta-9 THC.

Final Thoughts

So, yes, your THCA products like flower won’t get you high until they come into contact with heat. This process is also known as decarboxylation, where heat activates the psychoactive compounds so they can take effect and be absorbed by the body. Without heat, THCA is just another cannabinoid that doesn’t produce psychoactive effects. The real magic happens after a spark.

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