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Keef Soda Review: Our Favorite Ones, Ranked

They're fizzy, fruity, and pack a punch. Here's our full breakdown of Keef's trademark beverages.

One of the options is a drinkable product that offers the relaxation and experience of THC with the bubbly feeling and sweet taste of a soda.

This brand, created in 2010, offers up to 5 different flavors of fizzy beverages that resemble popular pop flavors, mixed with 10 or 100 mg of THC.

And yes, we said pop and soda because people get sensitive when it comes to the “right” way of saying this. 

Their catalog expands beyond drinks, offering oils cartridges and vapes and syringes containing 1 gram of cannabis full-spectrum oil.

But, as a college student at their first frat party: we’re here for the drinks. 

About Keef

Photo courtesy of Keef

The premise of almost any good product starts with a personal recommendation, whether it comes from family and friends or a wider community.

Keef soda started as a small Colorado business, created by Erik Knutson in 2010; when his 85-year-old grandmother tried and loved his prototype, without ever consuming anything remotely similar to cannabis, he believed he was on the right path.

After a great path of growing and expanding his brand to 7 different states in the U.S., going as far as Puerto Rico and Jamaica, Knutson now has a broader catalog of THC-infused drinks with different tastes and cannabinoid content.

However, it’s the classic sodas that keep bringing in more and more tasters to the brand. 

How Is Keef Soda Made

Photo courtesy of Keef

Keef soda is made by extracting the THC directly from the cannabis plant, infusing a 355 or 296 ml can of flavored soda, totaling 130 and 120 calories per serving.

It is vegan, gluten-free, kosher, and caffeine-free; basically, it’s the upgrade for most popular soda brands that do twice the damage with their sugar concentrate.

They’re made with hybrid strains and are available at any certified retailer in any of the corresponding states and countries in which it is distributed (Colorado, California, Arizona, Nevada, Michigan, Puerto Rico, and Jamaica). 

Our Favorite Keef Cola Flavors


The original flavor emulates the taste, smell, and look of that beverage we won’t name but has a distinctive red label with white text (wink, wink).

According to a review on the product’s website, it comes as close as anyone without the über secret recipe from the double “C” company can get. 

Blue Razz

Blue Razz combines natural and artificial flavoring that characterizes a particular color blue that we’ve tasted in snow cones, icicles, cocktails, and, yes, this THC-infused beverage.

It means you can get the sweet flavor of blue Gatorade without the electrolytes but with the even better outcome of relaxation and thrill of the cannabinoid oil.

Bubba Kush Root Beer

This Keef flavor is the proper gateway for people who are used to the experience of edibles, combining the sweet flavor of classic root beer that can be very well mixed with a freezing scoop of vanilla ice cream to accentuate the experience and taste of the drink.

Purple Passion

Purple passion promises the particular taste of robust grape (see what I did there? Poetry, man).

It comes in its distinct violet labeling and opaque gray bottles, which by the way, can be kept up to 2 weeks in your fridge, in case you’re not feeling extra brave and want to savor the drink, minus the gas plus the fun.

Orange Kush

And finally, the self-explanatory Keef Orange Kush tastes like… you guessed it… Apple!

I’m kidding, which may seem redundant, but you can never know.

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