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Magnetic Magic and Cool Smokes: Meet the KØL 2.0 Pipe

Meet the Magic Pipe that cools down your smoke with its design, while using magnet magic to keep the cleaning simple and fast.

Who didn’t like some magic tricks as a kid? Sometimes some bubbles or bunnies coming out of a hat would make us gasp in awe as we were surprised by a simple trick.

Nowadays, and if you are part of the cannabis space, sometimes the kind of magic you’d wish for is for your favorite glass pipe to clean itself. Or even better, not having to get used to harsh smoke with each pull while still enjoying a good herb hit.

Well, even though there’s not a self-cleaning pipe on the market, the KØL pipe has some pretty good magic assets that elevate the way you can smoke through a pipe.

Its sleek design, made with responsibly sourced materials, paired with an incredible airflow design, and easy assemble magnetic magic, makes it one of the most innovative pipes out there.

Let’s deep dive into the KØL pipe and its creators, HØJ, with its high-level smoking experience.

About HØJ

So, what is HØJ’s deal?  One of the big things about HØJ is how they elevate the cannabis experience by being both responsible and paying attention to details in their engineered products. And they mean this literally since HØJ means high in Dutch.

All puns aside, this London-based company has recently been in the eye of American distributors and shops because of their high-quality products and materials.

This is one of the things that we love the most about them, as their craftsmanship and quality are far beyond your usual smoking accessories and devices.

The HØJ Family

Photo courtesy of HØJ

Currently, HØJ has three main accessories in their catalog: their iconic premium grinder line, KLIP and KLIP mini, the practical and easy-to-use KØL 2.0 Pipe, and their version of premium hemp papers.

We’ve talked about the iconic KLIP line before, and we pretty much love this type of grinder as they are easy to use, assemble, and most importantly, it slices your buds instead of grinding.

Its unique mechanism won’t crush your herb but instead will slice it into smaller, fluffier particles that burn more evenly.

This also protects the delicious THC crystals from your buds, resulting in a more potent smoking session with the same herb.

The KLIP is pretty great because,  as with their KØL pipe, the “slicer” is fully magnetic, and it’s pretty easy to assemble and clean.

This also helps to get the strong Kief powder that the grinder collects in its modular design, which you can personalize with different types of slicers and filters.

Their HAMP kit is also pretty great, as it includes an all-in-one solution to craft the perfect jay.

This small, yet premium-feeling kit includes hemp-based craft papers that burn slower, top-grade filters, and a built-in mixing tray. So with a small box, you get a pretty hefty kit to roll on the go or at home without any hassle.

Meet The KØL 2.0, One Of The Most Innovative Pipes Around

Photo courtesy of HØJ

If you like pipes, you might know how sometimes cleaning can turn into a hassle. That includes faulty chambers or clogged airflows that just make your smoking experience awful.

Well, meet the KØL 2.0. Pronounced as K-O-W-L, this beautiful black pipe is an ergonomic, aluminum device that has a sleek look and an even better smoking experience.

The KØL has an anodized exterior that gives it a fancy look while keeping simple. Inside, you’ll find the interior has what they call magnetic magic.

You can simply snap it open by its hidden magnets that hold the core together, making it super easy to clean while giving it a superior airflow.

Its microchannel design takes away the heat mechanically, making each pull super smooth and clog-free, without any sort of water or cooling liquid. That means less coughing, better burning, and lets you taste and enjoy your herb to the fullest.

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Design And Materials

The KØL 2.0 has top-notch materials all around. Its sleek outside is recyclable aluminum that has been anodized to look like black stone.

On the inside, you’ll find a titanium-coated stainless steel filter that helps the chamber catch bigger herb particles and nugs that might clog the system.

You’ll find that, as with all HØJ products, the KØL has a lifetime warranty, and it is sturdy enough to last a lifetime. They also guarantee that their materials are all responsibly sourced, making the pipe respectfully crafted as part of their vision.

Superior Airflow

Photo courtesy of HØJ

Inspired by the cool-looking Mako shark scales, the KØL’s shape makes the air easy to pass through without any impurities tagging along.

Basically, its vortex design, together with its launchpad, and chamber, works as your own set of gills that filters each puff for a cleaner experience.


This might be my favorite part, as cleaning some pipes turns into a hassle in the long run.

Cleaning this pipe is as easy as snapping it apart, taking the filter off, and giving it a quick rinse. You can also give it a quick wipe, or even wash it with your kitchenware without a problem.

So forget the times when you had to deep-dive your pipes in chemical solutions or get them scratched with harsh scrubbing to get some burnt gunk off.

Last Words

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In conclusion, you’ll find the KØL has a pretty advanced design that reflects the attention to detail that HØJ has.

Sturdy and durable materials that mix in with a vortex design that’s easy to clean and assemble create a higher smoking experience for all kinds of herb.

You can learn more about the KØL 2.0 pipe, the “slicer” grinder KLIP, and the all-in-one rolling kit HAMP here.

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