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Learn | 08.22.2022

Make The Most Of Your PAX With These Essential Vaping Practices

Get to know your PAX like the back of your hand with these tips and vaping practices.

When using a professional vaporizer, like any PAX device, you need to use it like a professional.

That means using every possible feature to your advantage so each hit is equally as potent and effective as the last.

Furthermore, these tips below will help elongate the lifespan of your PAX vape while ensuring you’re taking proper care of this state-of-the-art device.

For the sake of popularity, this guide will discuss the PAX 3, PAX Era Pro, and PAX Era Life. These three vaporizers are sweeping legal markets and helping consumers find easier, affordable, and modern ways to experience their favorite strains and concentrates.

If you’re the proud owner of a PAX vape, you must consider these three essential vaping practices to make the most of your new device.

Find Your Preferred Temperature

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Did you know that PAX vaporizers feature different temperature settings? When it comes to the PAX Era Pro and the PAX Era Life, you can adjust your temperature in two different ways.

The device features a Pop-And-Click technological function, which lets you toggle between temperatures by popping your PAX pod out and back in the device.

You can also have a visual of what’s going on through the PAX smartphone app, which you can find more information about below.

The PAX devices have four main temperature settings;

  • Low: When the LED lights flash one single light, your device will heat to 520°F.
  • Medium-Low: When your device flashes two lights, it will heat to 610°F.
  • Medium-High: When your device flashes three lights, it will heat to 700°F.
  • High: When your device flashes four lights, it will heat to 790°F.

Use The PAX Smartphone App

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As mentioned, you can better understand the features and aspects of your PAX device through the company’s smartphone application. This app is compatible with the PAX 3, PAX Era Pro, and PAX Era Life.

Within the application, you can do the following;

  • Control The Temperature: Instead of popping your pod in and out of your device, head to the PAX app to get a visual of your temperature adjustments.
  • Customize Your Device: In the PAX app, you can name your device, select a color theme, adjust the vape’s vibration intensity, or turn it off vibration completely.
  • Preventative Care: If you left your PAX at someone’s house and don’t want them using it, the smartphone app lets you lock the device and prevent others from using it. Doing so also prevents accidental start-ups that waste the battery or concentrate.
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Clean Your PAX Properly

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When it comes to the PAX Era Pro and PAX Era Life, cleaning them is effortless. Because these devices use pods, there isn’t much cleaning to do.

You could take a cotton swab that’s been dipped in isopropyl alcohol to get in the nooks and crannies of where you insert the pod. Other than that, the device doesn’t require that much maintenance.

It’s the iconic PAX 3 device that needs a little more TLC. Because this device heats dried flower and concentrates, cleaning it every few uses is a must. That is if you want consistently flavorful and potent vapor.

The PAX 3 actually comes with its own maintenance kit that includes;

  • A wired brush
  • A few pipe cleaners for swabbing and wiping

Additionally, you’ll need a few other items to clean your PAX 3 vaporizer;

  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • A cotton swab
  • A small bowl
  • A paper towel or cloth

Follow these easy steps to clean your PAX 3 device.

  1. Remove the mouthpiece and the oven lid from your PAX 3.
  2. Dip your wired brush into the isopropyl alcohol and squeeze/wipe off any excess.
  3. Insert the brush into the air path until the oven screen pops out from the bottom.
  4. Fill your small bowl with enough isopropyl alcohol to submerge the oven screen and mouthpiece, leaving the oven lid outside of the bowl. Let soak for 3-5 minutes.
  5. Insert a pipe cleaner into the airpath and penetrate it until any residue is cleared through.
  6. Clean the interior oven and the area on top with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol.
  7. Allow your mouthpiece and oven screen to dry completely before reassembling.

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