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Learn | 12.02.2022

Preserve The Simplicity And History Of Cannabis With LEGEND™

Cannabis is a legendary plant, and LEGEND™ strives to weave this tradition into modern society while honoring its history.

Cannabis has been used for generations. Dating back to ancient China for food and spiritual rituals, not to mention its significance in ancient Egypt.

There’s no denying that cannabis has a rich history behind it. Although it was used for spiritualmedicinal, and ritualistic purposes, over the years, it evolved into a recreational plant that was demonized by governments worldwide.

It feels morally wrong to shun a plant that was intrinsic in the lives of many for generations. As we finally start breaking the stigma and raising awareness for its benefits, it’s on us modern users to ensure the plant’s history and simplicity are preserved for generations to come.

We encourage you to purchase with intent and choose from brands that make this mission a reality. Brands like LEGEND promise to keep this unrivaled tradition alive.


Whenever you’re smoking on LEGEND™, know that you’re smoking the cream of the crop.

LEGEND™ strives to preserve the simplicity of cannabis while honoring its many uses and benefits that have remained relevant for generations.

The brand deeply cares about the history of the plant, like the selective breeding of native strains worldwide that diversified cannabis and blessed us with the varieties we know and love today.

LEGEND™ elevates these legendary strains while ensuring your consumption experience is simple. No moving parts, no high-tech gizmos, just pure cannabis and concentrates that pay homage to the historical human use of this legendary plant.

Smoke Like Legends

Before we dive into their legendary products, it’s worth noting that LEGEND‘s packaging steers clear of excess materials, only offering a minimal, no-frills package that reflects the simplicity of what’s inside.

At LEGEND™, find dank and superior strains across an array of products, including:

  • Whole Flower
  • Pre-Rolls
  • Pre-Shred
  • Hash
  • Cartridges

Don’t even get me started on their Death Bubba Bubble Hash, with 36-49% THC made from strain-specific sun-grown cannabis with ice water extraction that preserves trichomes for potency and flavor.

If you’re more of a simple smoker, opt for LEGEND‘s Whole FlowerPre-Rolls, and Pre-Shed, comprising unique strains from Blackberry Gelato to Glookies.

With so many reliable options to choose from, finding a consistent cannabis experience that maintains the history of our favorite plant just got easier.

For more information about LEGEND™, please visit their website at experiencelegend.ca.

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