Photo courtesy of Stone Road

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Stone Road Pre-Rolls Review: Pros, Cons & Best Products

We went deep into what this colorful brand has to offer to the pre-roll fans.

Out of the green hills of Northern California, Stone Road grows and harvests its cannabis underneath the blistering sun and refreshing rainfall on a 577-acre farm in Nevada City.

The queer-led company holds itself to a high standard, pioneering with sustainability and inclusivity leading the way. It goes beyond the hand-rolled joints made to take you to another planet without leaving the atmosphere: the company is committed to changing the conversation surrounding weed, exploring the relationship each person has with it.

It’s true, we’re all different and that means we all like different things (and strains). 

About Stone Road

Photo courtesy of Stone Road

Stone Road was founded by Lex Corwin in 2016, when he was but a 23-year-old lad with a passion for weed and a dream that led him to create affordable and accessible cannabis for everyone. They might go back to the ancestral ways of harvesting, with artisanal water to hydrate the plants and an organic perspective, but the company is anything but old-fashioned.

They even have an app that lets you find the nearest pre-rolls and see the farms, so you don’t have to wonder where your weed is coming from.

Here’s the best part: Stone Road pre-rolls are available on Eaze, so you can get it Eaze-ily (see what we did there?)

Use HERB30 at checkout and get $30 off your first delivery!

Best Stone Road Pre-Rolls

Photo courtesy of Stone Road

The high-grade weed is grown on a small batch basis, from where the nugs are precariously picked before being lab-tested and rolled into the pre-rolls everyone knows and loves.

The family-owned farms have dedicated their resources to providing premium quality, mindfully tended, and organically grown cannabis. No pesticides or synthetics here – they like to go au naturel. It gets even fancier: each joint is wrapped in French-imported paper made from unbleached plant cellulose and sealed with organic gum from the Acacia tree.

Stone Road reimagines what cannabis looks like for people, catering to the generations who are looking for something different yet familiar.

They’ve got a whole lot of different strains, with anything from hybrids, indicas, and sativas.

Here are some of our favorites on Eaze:


Tropicana Punch

This tropical pre-roll contains one gram of the cross between Tropicana Cookies and Purple Punch. This potent hybrid leads to an extracerebral and euphoric effect that’s sure to be memorable.

The 26% of THC makes for an instant mood changer. It even has some Vanilla Frosting hashish – so you don’t have to say anything is missing.

It’s uplifting and energizing but might have you feeling relaxed too. 


This is a popular strain and for good reason. The sativa-dominant hybrid has a high THC content, offering a feeling of peace and happiness that can get anyone into a creative mood.

After smoking this sweet and fruity pre-roll, you might want to break out the guitar, write a poem or just joke around with your friends. 


Bling Cake

Moving on to something a little more relaxing, Stone Road has the indica-dominant Bling Cake available in their hand-rolled joints. The name says it all: it’s a dessert weed, with richness, tanginess, and sweetness in every puff, with just a hint of earthiness.

It also has Orange Creamsicle hash – to give your brain an extra boost. It’s great for a night of unwinding, easing anxiety and bodily aches through and through.


Banana Split

For those who want a little pep in their step, the sativa-dominant Banana Split is the way to go. It’s a cross of Tangie and Banana Sherbet, perfect for the productive smoker who needs to get some work done (with a bit of extra inspiration).

The joints have 100% home-grown flower in them, with just a touch of OG hashish to make it a phenomenal trip. You’ll feel it but maintain clear-headedness throughout—the perfect choice for the on-the-go user. 

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