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Learn | 06.21.2022

The Electric Rechargeable Lighter From Intū Is The Ultimate Waste-Reducer

Stop tossing your lighters and adding to landfills. Check out your new sustainable go-to, the Intū Electric Rechargeable Lighter.

genuinely sustainable cannabis brand is hard to come by.

You may read that your favorite brand has eco-friendly farming practices, but chances are it’s contributing to the overload of plastics.

Similarly, a brand that steers away from plastics might be wasting other precious resources like water.

We could go on, or we could share our newfound relief thanks to a young brand that puts rethinking waste at the forefront of operations. Enter Intū, the sustainable cannabis brand maintaining sacred plant rituals.

About Intū

Photo by Intū Rituals

Intū was born from a passion for natural medicine. It strives to educate the globe on the benefits and importance of living a regenerative and holistic lifestyle.

Founded by Latinx/BIPOC eco-activists, writers, and content creators, Valeria Hinojosa and Santiago Rodriguez Tarditi, Intū is quickly positioning itself as a leading CBD brand that doesn’t take mother nature for granted.

Intū’s products were designed to

  • Promote bonding between one another
  • Enhance the mood
  • Ease joint tension
  • Enable a healthy immune system
  • Aid inflammation
  • Honor the spirit of the sacred plant

For that reason, Intū guarantees that its products contain the most beneficial cannabinoids geared towards healing. Its full-spectrum CBD oil utilizes the many naturally occurring cannabinoids while staying within the legal limit of 0.3% THC.

Intū Is Rethinking Waste

Photo by Intū Rituals

We could go on about Intū’s oil, its pre-rolls, and other wellness-oriented products. But perhaps there’s one product that tops the rest in terms of eco-friendly practices and rethinking waste.

Meet Intū’s Recharchargable Electric Lighter. It’s a handy, sleek, reusable lighter that uses no plastics, no trees, and doesn’t add to landfills. The brand shared a shocking statistic, stating that each year, Americans send over 350 million disposable lighters to landfills.

That’s where the Rechargeable Electric Lighter comes in. It uses no butane or propane, promoting a flavorful and gas-less burn thanks to its electric heating abilities.

Say goodbye to the nasty taste of butane, and hello to the most eco-friendly lighter on the market. Because there’s no flame, the lighter also lets you spark up (without the spark) in the windiest weather conditions.

Simply hold your joint up to the electric coil, and voila, a butane-less, plastic-less alternative to wasteful lighters filling up our landfills.

Plus, it’s an incredibly stylish, sleek little thing that fits in the palm of your hand, slips into your pocket, and even boasts meaningful engraved symbols that represent Intū,

  • Ceremonial fire
  • Cannabis
  • Medicinal mushrooms
  • The third eye

Now that we’ve shared a little more information behind the industry’s most sustainable cannabis brand, we hope that Intū isn’t the only one rethinking waste.

For more information or to shop Intū, visit its website at

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