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These Luxury Rolling Trays From Benji Papers Are The Connoisseur’s Dream

Benji Papers' luxury rolling accessories bring out the best in every session.

Gone are the days when we had to fold a piece of paper to act as a rolling tray. Magazines? Who needs ’em? It’s time to raise your ritual in style. At Benji Papers, they know all about elevating sessions.

The brand’s renowned $100-print rolling papers are the tried and true option for connoisseurs looking for quality and style. But it doesn’t stop there. Benji’s luxury rolling trays, from walnut to bamboo, give your rituals maximum convenience with a side of class.

Their Walnut Tray With Magnetic Lid Kit – OG is a prime example, not to mention the Bankroll Mini Bamboo Tray Kit. When you’re ready to roll like a pro, see below for more information about the brand and these two premium rolling trays (psst, they both come with Benji’s $100-print rolling papers).

About Benji Papers

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Whenever you see that familiar Benji logo, know you’re about to use the finest rolling papers and accessories on the market. Their praised $100-print rolling paper design is as badass as it gets.

Not to mention only using the finest materials like lab-tested, food-grade vegetable oil for coloring, natural adhesive for a perfect roll, and top-quality fibers for a smooth, slow, and even burn. But it doesn’t stop at rolling papers. Benji Papers’ renowned rolling tools supply you with the means to make each session enjoyable and effortless.

This brand takes pride in giving connoisseurs peace of mind, knowing they’re using the highest-quality papers and accessories they can depend on. Plus, they look damn good. Luxury is only a click away.

Premium Rolling Trays

Although Benji Papers is praised for their top-quality rolling papers, their premium rolling tools are an excellent addition to your rituals. After all, each accessory comes with a booklet of Benji rolling papers, so it’s a win-win. Get to know two stand-out rolling tray kits from Benji Papers below.

Walnut Tray With Magnetic Lid Kit - OG

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One of the newer additions to Benji’s impressive catalog is their sleek, luxurious, and convenient Walnut Tray With Magnetic Lid Kit – OG. While there are other renditions of this kit, this is the classic, and we know how much connoisseurs appreciate the classics. This premium walnut tray comes with a magnetic lid to keep your stash safe and secure in style. It also comes with a booklet of the brand’s staple $100 print papers and a tube of pre-rolled cones.

Bankroll Mini Bamboo Tray Kit

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This is another new addition to Benji’s lineup and presents a smaller version of the original Bankroll with different features. It’s a sleek black, magnetic, two-piece bamboo tray with enough room for your accessories and a spacious roll. The two pieces, separating the accessory space and rolling tray, attach via strong magnets. There’s also a metal lid to keep your stash secure and fresh.

Like all other Benji accessories, this kit has a booklet of the classic $100 print papers. It also includes a scooper and ashtray for maximum convenience. This is an excellent option for those needing a convenient space for their accessories and rolling rituals without taking up too much room. Luxury and ease are at your fingertips.

For more products and information about BENJI Papers, visit their website at benjipapers.com.

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