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Learn | 01.20.2022

This Cartridge Holder Is The Accessory You Never Knew You Needed

Tired of your cartridges lying around? TOQi has a solution.

As cannabis vapes, cartridges, and disposables become more sought-after by consumers, one issue remains—not having a place to store your cartridges and leaving them scattered around your house. 

As we evolve as consumers, so do our favorite retailers like TOQi, a company striving to elevate the cannabis community with innovative solutions.

Enter their latest product, the TOQi 510 Cartridge Holder.

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TOQi listened when we voiced our irritation with leaving our half-smoked cartridges lying around the house, and now, they’re delivering the ultimate 510 accessories.

The holder was CNC machined from a sole aluminum block into a sleek and small storage unit.

Whether you have a TOQi 510 Cartridge or a cart from another retailer, this new holder lets you store up to 6 cartridges and protect them from UV exposure.

Photo courtesy of TOQi

Did you know the sun breaks down live resin/rosin and makes the product lose THC faster?

TOQi wants to help keep our highs clean by ensuring our cartridge’s mouthpiece is off the ground and standing upright, letting the resin pool at the bottom.

The TOQi 510 Cartridge Holder also comes with a dainty little pouch to carry it around without scratches or dents. 

The product has gotten five stars across the board from happy TOQi consumers, so what are you waiting for?

Line your army of cartridges today in TOQi’s 510 Cartridge Holder

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