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Learn | 01.18.2022

This Vape Company Also Makes Power Banks To Keep You Toking And Scrolling

Charging your phone (and a friend's) has never been so easy. Created with TOQi.

Welcome to the future. We’d like to introduce you to another highly innovative and complexly modern product that’s changing how we use our devices.

Enter TOQi, a company on a mission to elevate the consciousness of the cannabis community with innovative solutions.

The company’s latest product isn’t cannabis-related at all but will help solve an issue that all of us face, charging our phones.

Ever been to a festival, and your favorite act is about to start, but your phone’s at 5%? Us too, this is why we snagged the new TOQi Wireless Power Bank.

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You might ask, what’s the difference between regular portable chargers and the TOQi Wireless Power Bank?

This 5,000 or 10,000 MAh portable power bank features a wireless charging function, letting you attach the device to the back of your phone in the sleekest way possible.

This charging bank relieves the need to carry around a wire and a bulky portable charger. 

What if your best friend’s phone is dying too? TOQi truly thought of everything when creating this Wireless Power Bank, as the device comes with a micro-USB input and a USB-A output.

This simultaneous charging method lets your phone charge at the same time a friend plugs theirs into your TOQi Wireless Power Bank. So between you and a friend, make sure at least one of you has a charging cable.

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The TOQi Wireless Power Bank offers another day and a half of charge for most mobile devices, and it’s as easy as suction cupping the device to the back of your phone and slipping it into your pocket when finished.

The Power bank also comes with a Li-ion polymer battery designed to protect the circuit from over-voltage, over-charge, overcurrent, and short circuits. 

Photo courtesy of TOQi

To use your TOQi Wireless Power Bank, press the switch once to turn it on, and the battery indicator will light up. When attaching the device to your phone, make sure to align it with your phone’s receiving area (in most modern devices, this is the back of the phone).

Once you’ve established a successful wireless connection, the indicator light turns from red to green, allowing you to charge away.

To charge the TOQi Wireless Power Bank, connect the micro-USB connector to your device and the USB-A connector to a 5V/2A wall adapter.

You will be provided a charging cable for this process. The device will then show four blue LEDs, indicating that the Power Bank has reached a full charge. 

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