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Learn | 01.11.2022

We Found The Easiest Way To Dab

Meet the device that's changing the way we smoke our concentrates. Created with TOQi.

Dabbing is one of the strongest ways to consume goodies from your favorite cannabinoids. Whether you are a more organic and natural fan with rosin or like the potency BHO can offer, dabbing is for sure the best way to try stronger products.

I do sometimes find that dabbing takes a little more cleanup than your usual vape oil. Having a special dabber accessory or device can get messy since it needs higher temperatures to smoke. 

Especially those nasty black gunk parts where your nails have to take alcohol baths for what feels like hours.

And even though I love cartridges, sometimes I feel in the mood to try some live rosin or high-quality shatter from time to time.

After a while, I found a way that makes taking my rosin on the go and simplifying dabbing. We’ve talked about how the TOQi 510 wireless vaping device is excellent to vape on the go, but TOQi also has a super high-quality wax cartridge add-on that makes dabbing a lot easier.

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Let’s talk a little about how you can take your favorite distillates on the go, mess-free, and with a sleek-looking, compact vaporizer.

The TOQi 510

Photo courtesy of TOQi

The TOQi is great for many reasons, the USB-C charging port, the QI wireless charging technology, the adjustable temperature, the sleek design with pocket portability, and much more.

Its 400 mAh battery has over 150 pulls on a full charge and will get you 85% in about 20 minutes.

It is small, super easy to charge and use, and it’s easy to take on the go in your bag or pocket. So if you are into taking some hits discreetly, the TOQi could be your new favorite way to enjoy distillates on the go.

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Dabbing? With A Portable Battery?

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This fantastic device is excellent to have some vape oils and carts on the go, but there’s something else to elevate your experience with cannabis without having to buy another setup and a lot more discreet than a dabber.

Luckily, the folks at TOQi created a special add-on cartridge that will fully work with the TOQi, the TOQi 510 Wax Cartridge.

This means you can take your favorite concentrate on the go without all the hassle. And as the little device has different regulating temperatures, it works great for all kinds of BHO or cannabis-based products.

The portable Wax Cartridge is also great because you get instantaneous dabs with its quartz coil design, made to match with the incredible airflow from the Wireless Vape from TOQi.

It won’t’ slip your hands, as it has an easy grip and can easily be stored away with the TOQi’s included case. It also has an easily cleanable, stainless steel mouthpiece that will stay cool with each dab you take.

How To Dab On The Go

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The Wax Cartridge from TOQi makes consuming a lot easier. You only need to unscrew the cartridge and remove the included applicator.

Next, collect your favorite concentrate and pack the tank entirely.

Reassemble everything back together, and you are ready to get some dabs on the go.

Yes, it is that simple.

You can even fix the temperature by clicking on the TOQi’s button to regulate low, mid, or high temperatures.

So if you feel like trying something like shatter that needs a higher temperature, it’s just a matter of tapping twice until the LED light turns purple.


Photo courtesy of TOQi

To clean the dabbing add-on, you just need to wait for it to cool down. Unscrew everything and clean the Wax Cartridge as you would clean a Nail or Crown accessory.

We recommend just using some isopropyl alcohol first to scrape the gunk out with a cotton swab or q-tip. 

Then, if things get a little charred, you can use the included cleaning swab or the built-in dab tool to clean whatever mess is left. We don’t recommend using chemicals baths to clean any rigs.

Instead, try leaving your rigs in isopropyl alcohol and salt solution for up to 4 hours, rinse, and repeat if needed.


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With the TOQi 510, dabbing has never been as easy. No more big setups, hassle, or having to soak the glass parts of a bowl for hours. With the added TOQi 510 Wax Cartridge, you can enjoy your favorite concentrates, no matter where you are, at the right temperature every time. 

The TOQi Wireless vaporizer is easy to take away with the refillable wax cartridge, letting you treat yourself to some discreet dabs that are practically odorless with the added benefit of extended battery life.

So if you’ve been curious about trying concentrates like shatter or resin but do not feel like cleaning up or having to buy another set of nails and bongs, give this method a try.

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