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Learn | 08.20.2019

This nifty little machine makes cannabis butter as easily as a pot of coffee

Now, you can have pancakes cooked in freshly infused canna-oil within minutes.

Weed edibles are fun to eat, but not so much to make. You have to be a virtual chemist to get the temperature right: hot enough to decarboxylate, but not hot enough to burn the bud. Then, half of the product gets stuck on the spoon. Until you perfect the technique, the result is almost always sad and uninviting.

A new product called LEVO believes it can eliminate the struggle of making cannabutter and weed-infused oils altogether.

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Their new product is a machine that infuses oils with herbs as quickly and easily as a coffee maker. You just pack your herbs into a metal cylinder, place it into a larger metal bowl filled with oil, and close the lid. After choosing a temperature and setting the timer, you press start, and away it goes.

Chrissy Bellman, Founder & CEO of LEVO, explains that she got the idea for LEVO after witnessing her housemates attempt to make cannabutter for the first time. In an interview with Westword, she describes it as “a very dramatic moment as I was watching these people make a huge mess…stink up the entire house, argue over each other about the best practices.”

Bellman explains that her idea for LEVO was to streamline the process of weed infusion so thoroughly that it would be as simple as brewing coffee. The company also aims to eliminate the confusion of consulting Google, where every blog offers different methods.

While the concept didn’t get a great reception in New York, the company took off once she took the idea to Colorado—the first state (along with Washington) to legalize cannabis for recreational use.

The team at LEVO is so dedicated to simplifying the baking process, they’ve even supplied an online calculator that lets you determine the best temperatures and times to use for different herb and oil recipes. Some may choose to steep the weed for as long as 24 hours, but it isn’t necessary.

The brilliance of the LEVO is that if you wake up and decide you want to get stoned and eat pancakes, you can have pancakes cooked in freshly infused canna-oil within minutes.

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“With LEVO, depending on what you want, if you want a really high in THC edible, or if you want a really high in CBD or THC-A, you can use strain choice, temperature and time to customize all those factors to make your own,” says Bellman to Westword.

The machine is also reportedly effortless to clean, eliminating the inevitable pile of greasy pans that plague your sink for days.

While the LEVO was built with the intention of making cannabutter or canna-oil, it isn’t explicitly marketed that way (instructional videos show a user making lavender infused oil). Bellman’s favorite use of the LEVO is homemade skin scrubs. The oil infuser costs $199, which is pretty fair when taking into account its versatility and depending on how excruciatingly incompetent you are in the kitchen.

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