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10 Weed Strains That Will Make You Laugh Your Ass Off

In need of some serious laughter? These ten strains are sure to make you laugh your ass off.

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In need of some serious laughter? Cannabis is a plant that can surely put a smile on your face. Known to boost moods and cultivate sensations of bliss, the plant has a way of making you feel jolly and upbeat.

To help you bring a little happiness into your life, here are ten giggly strains that are sure to make you laugh your ass off, especially if you’re in good company.

Bubba Kush

Get ready for a droopy-eyed giggle fest with this one. Bubba Kush is a potent indica bred by Botany Farms. This strain is an excellent contemporary indica hybrid that often features up to 26% cannabinoids between D8 THC, D9 THC, CBD, and CBG.

This strain has the tendency to be couch-locking, causing a deep body relaxation and silly sensation of euphoria. Break out this herb when you’re in the mood to watch a comedy with friends.

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Wedding Cake

Euphoric and relaxing, Wedding Cake is the flavorful cross between Cherry Pie and GSC. This indica-dominant hybrid is known for its unique flavor that combines tangy flavors with earthy peppery tones.

Good for music, fun and socializing with friends, or working by yourself to get everything crossed off your list. And if you work for the sweetness in life, this indica-dominant strain will send you soaring into a sweet sleep.


With its more than 20% THC level, Chemdog is one of the strongest strains on the market. This makes it a potent source of medicine for sufferers of chronic pain, nausea, and other symptoms brought on by debilitating symptoms. A sativa-dominant hybrid, Chemdog is renowned for inducing laughter, conversation, and creativity. It’s a great strain for inducing a sense of happiness and fun. Kind of like the “party” version of the more sedative Powerhouse.

It’s also nice for unwinding with friends after a long day, as its high THC level gives it a cerebral euphoria that makes music sound better, colors brighter, and conversations funnier.

Mango Kush

Mango Kush is a strain that was created by crossing a clone-only Hindu x Afghan hybrid with an unknown phenotype of OG Kush. It’s named for the distinct mango aroma and flavor it gives off along with the giggles that come from its high THC levels.

Mango Kush is great for social occasions or just unwinding at the end of the day, making it a good choice for hanging out with friends or going on vacation.

OG Kush

The OG Kush cannabis strain is legendary in the US and has won many awards for its high THC content. The strain is an outlaw, growing wild in many regions of California. One of the constituents that distinguishes OG Kush from other strains is myrcene, a powerful sedative and muscle relaxant that relieves pain and eases insomnia.

A friendly strain that is great for different activities. It stimulates creativity and induces laughing, so it’s perfect if you want to make your daydreams come true.

Laughing Buddha

As the name might suggest, Laughing Buddha is one happy bud. Classified as a sativa, this spicy herb is a cross between both Thai and Jamaican landrace strains. The result is a goofy yet cerebral strain with speedy effects.

Great for daytime use, Laughing Buddha is perfect for those who want to kick off their morning with some jolly good fun. Expect big smiles and a sociable, talkative vibe from this bud.

Liberty Haze

Liberty Haze is a powerful strain with a happy-go-lucky demeanor. It is uplifting, energizing, and great for social occasions. As a Haze strain, this bud is euphoric and perhaps a bit on the foggy, psychedelic side.

The effects of this bud are known to be long-lasting and fast-acting, making it a great choice for busy and eventful days. Perfect for sharing with cannabis-savvy friends, Liberty Haze often features up to 25 percent THC.


Cinex is a popular strain on the West Coast. Another sativa-dominant hybrid, Cinex provides a stimulating and cerebral head high. Those sensitive to sativas might experience some anxiety with this strain, though Cinex is thought to be fairly mellow and blissful overall. Laughter will come easy after just a few tastes of this psychoactive bud.

The THC content in Cinex can range quite a bit, from 15 percent all the way up to 25 percent THC. Novice cannabis consumers that stumble upon a less potent Cinex sample are in for a real treat. The playful and focused attitude of this flower makes for an excellent cannabis experience overall.

Purple Elephant

strains that make you laugh: 4. Purple Elephant

Those looking for something a little more chill might appreciate Purple Elephant. Featuring up to 25 percent THC, this indica strain is pretty darn psychoactive. The genetics of this strain are a bit mysterious, but Purple Elephant is thought to be a descendent of Purple Urkle, one of the most popular indicas around.

Purple Elephant has inherited a sweet berry aroma and a sociable, giggly attitude. Fair warning: your cheeks might hurt from smiling too much after a little of this bud.

Ghost Train Haze

One of the strongest sativas on the market, expect a dreamy and giggly sensation of happiness with this bud. Typically, hybrids and indica strains feature the most THC.

While Ghost Train Haze is technically a hybridized sativa, it features a whopping 25 to 27 percent THC. A cross between Ghost OG and Nevil’s Wreck, this bud provides a cerebral, nearly psychedelic high.

July 29, 2021 — Last Updated July 30, 2021
Written by Herb
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July 29, 2021 — Last Updated July 30, 2021
Written by Herb
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