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Learn | 09.21.2022

Your Guide To Buying THC-V Wholesale

Everything you need to know about buying THC-V wholesale from a trusted distributor.

Starting your own business is exciting. From curating your product selection to launching operations.

If you’re starting your own business or launching a brand, maybe you’ve been looking for a distributor for your products and where to buy them wholesale. If you’re looking for the best prices, support, and overall partnership, look no further than Binoid, the number one source for the newest cannabinoids.

One new cannabinoid that’s taking the market by storm is THC-V. Whether you’re new to this compound or have smoked it before, here’s everything you need to know about THC-V and buying it wholesale from Binoid.

What Is THC-V?

As mentioned, THC-V is a cannabinoid. It naturally occurs within the cannabis plant but is only present in small traces and amounts.

Trusted labs and producers focus on THC-V production at a larger scale to truly harness this cannabinoid’s psychoactive effects and therapeutic properties.

This cannabinoid is similar to its psychoactive and popular cousin, THC (or delta-9 THC). It’s quite similar in molecular structure, but the slightest changes are responsible for producing way more pronounced effects.

Because it’s a relatively new cannabinoid, there still aren’t many products on the market with a focus on THC-V. That’s where Binoid comes in, ready to help diversify your product catalog with the newest cannabinoids available for wholesale.

What Are The Effects of THC-V?

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Does it interest you that THC-V is even stronger than THC? Many call THC-V “diet weed” simply because of its drastic difference on our appetite after we use it.

While THC might prompt an appetite, THC-V suppresses it. It’s a great option for consumers interested in losing or maintaining weight. It doesn’t spur those late-night munchies that leave you hunched over the fridge like a scavenger.

Furthermore, studies have shown that THC-V may play a powerful role in regulating blood sugar and decreasing insulin resistance. It also promotes healthy and strong bone growth by prompting new bone cells to grow.

It’s also a great anxiety aid, especially when paired with the relaxing cannabinoid Delta-8 THC, like Binoid’s THC-V Vape Cartridges.

Finally, in terms of the effects after a hit, you’ll feel refreshed with energy and motivation, looking for your next source of stimulation. It provides a wave of euphoria from head to toe with accompanying bliss and body relief.

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Can I Buy THC-V Wholesale?

Although THC-V is a relatively new cannabinoid to the industry, you can still buy it wholesale.

If you’re starting a business, be it physical or online, you might be considering newer cannabinoids like THC-V to help your brand stand out from the rest.

The only thing is, it’s on you to find a trusted distributor to ensure you’re getting pure THC-V and only that. We suggest reaching out to Binoid for all inquiries about buying wholesale.

Binoid’s product selection is unmatched. And its potent THC-V cartridges aren’t something you can find elsewhere. The brand carries three different THC-V vape cartridges;

  • Candyland Sativa THC-V + Delta-8 THC
  • Purple Haze Sativa THC-V + Delta-8 THC
  • Sour Tangie Sativa THC-V + Delta-8 THC

But why should you select Binoid for your wholesale purchases? How do you do that? Read on for more information about all things wholesale at Binoid.

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Buying THC-V Wholesale From Binoid

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If buying THC-V wholesale is of interest, check out Binoid.

The company distributes all of its products on its website to various retail locations throughout the country.

A few benefits that come with choosing Binoid as your wholesale distributor are;

  • Receiving the freshest products from Binoid’s most recent batch.
  • The lowest possible shipping cost compared to most brands and a 1-2 faster shipping time.
  • Access to Binoid’s broad array of products and leading brands offered to you at wholesale prices.

Even better, if you’re in it for the long haul with Binoid and enter a long-term distribution partnership, here’s what you’re in for;

  • The fastest possible distribution
  • Placing orders at any time on Binoid’s 24hr website
  • Up to 15% off on orders
  • The best price margins
  • Binoid’s complete support and assistance

If you’re looking to shop THC-V wholesale at Binoid, fill out this form and reach out to the sales team at wholesale@binoidcbd.com or call (805) 552-6464.

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