10 Simple Reasons to Add a One-Hitter to Your Collection Today

If you don’t already have one, now is the time to fix it.

Jul 1, 2018
10 Reasons to Add a One-Hitter to Your Collection

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Thinking of treating yourself to a new pipe? If you don’t already have one, a one-hitter is a must-have in your collection. Sometimes called chillums, these durable little pipes get their name because they’re specifically designed to get you high in just one hit.

A one-hitter pipe is perfect for every weed-lover.

Perfect for experienced smokers, newbies and everyone in between, one-hitters are easy to use, convenient, and very portable. Here are 10 reasons you should add a one-hitter to your pipe collection.

1. They are solo-sesh approved.

10 Reasons to Add a One Hitter to Your Collection11 Caribbean Nations Are Seriously Thinking About Cannabis Decriminalization
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One-hitters are the perfect pipe for smokers who love solo-sessions or need just one hit to get lifted. These convenient little pipes hold about .25 grams of weed and are made to be cleared in, you guessed it, only one hit. They are small enough to store in your pocket or purse so you can bring it everywhere with you. As long as you have your one-hitter, a little bit of flower and a lighter, you’re all set. This portability is good news for the smoker who’s always on the go; you can tuck your one-hitter right back in your pocket or purse the second you’re done.

2. They don’t smell.

Since they only hold a little bit of weed, one-hitters don’t produce much smoke or a strong weed smell. This is because the smoke goes straight into your lungs rather than dissipating into the air when you light up. They’re also small in size so they won’t draw any unwanted attention to you, adding to their discretion. You can even get a one-hitter weed pipe that looks like a cigarette to help blend in while out in public.

3. A one-hitter is fast and effective.

If you want a fast smoke session that leaves you elevated, a one-hitter is perfect for you. Since you inhale the whole bowl in one straight hit, these pipes are one of the fastest ways to get really high. This adds to the convenience and discretion of this kind of pipe.

4. They can take a beating.

Regardless of the material it’s made of, one-hitters tend to be quite durable thanks to their small size. You can toss it in your gym bag or bring it to a concert without worrying about it getting damaged. Whether you drop it by accident or throw it back into your pocket to avoid unwanted looks, one-hitters won’t break or shatter from everyday use.

5. Pack, light, inhale, repeat.

giphy Caribbean Nations Are Seriously Thinking About Cannabis Decriminalization

One-hitter pipes are probably the easiest to use of all pipes out there. First, give your flower a good grind and then stamp the small bowl into your stash. Next, you light up, inhale and you’re good to go. Inhaling slowly and steadily will guarantee you get a smooth toke without any ash. You can add a tiny screen to the bowl to help filter out even more debris.

6. Get higher using less weed.

Since they deliver a big buzz in just one rip, these pipes come in handy when you’re stash is running low. You can scrape together whatever bit of bud you have left and stuff it into your one-hitter. For an extra lift, you can add kief from your grinder in there too. Chances are, any weed you have left will get you buzzed when you use your one-hitter.

7. They’re available in different materials that have various benefits.

One- hitters are available in many different materials, such as metal, glass, and quartz. Depending on the material, your one-hitter will offer different benefits. For example, crystal pipes are not only gorgeous, they’re good for you too. Crystal pipes are available in different stones, like Tiger’s Eye, Yellow Citrine, and more. Depending what stone you smoke from, you can gain its benefits, like feeling more balanced or brave. Everyone is guaranteed to find a one-hitter that makes them feel good, and not just because of the weed.

8. They are inexpensive.

One-hitter pipes aren’t much of an investment. You can find quality one-hitters for as little as a couple bucks. Since they’re so cheap, it’s not a big deal if you have to replace yours if you forget it somewhere or have to fling it away in a hurry. Using an inexpensive one-hitter means you’ll have more dough to spend on weed.

9. They’re easy to clean.

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The cleaner you keep your one-hitter, the better it will taste, the less it will smell, and the longer it will last. Keeping it clean can be as easy as tapping out the excess ash at the end of each use. Every now and then, give it a quick rinse in isopropyl alcohol. This solvent will eliminate buildup and residue that can gather in your pipe over time with regular use.

10. One-hitters are the best party pipe.

Along with being incredibly convenient and discreet, one-hitters are also just really fun to use. They require minimal effort for a big buzz and can be smoked again and again by re-packing the bowl. Plus, using a one-hitter means you don’t have to worry about rolling an expert joint ever again.

These durable pipes are designed to get you high in just one hit. They’re convenient, portable and easy to use, making the one-hitter a must-have in your collection.

Jul 1, 2018