How To Throw An Epic 420 Party

Gather your best buds, because the party starts now.

It’s almost here. Stoners are rolling their joints, cleaning their bongs, and polishing their pipes in honor of our upcoming holiday.

420 is right around the corner. Have you made plans on how to stay busy during this special day? In case you’re looking to get lit with your pals, we suggest throwing an on-brand celebration in honor of this hazy holiday.

Below, we’ve included 5 ideas for throwing an epic 420 party. Invite all of your contacts, or keep your circle tight. Whoever you choose to invite, just ensure they’re up for the weedy shenanigans we have in mind.

Dank Decor

Your decor doesn’t necessarily have to dank, but it must be on-brand with the holiday.

Your local party supply store or shops online should carry an assortment of cannabis-themed decorations, including weed-leaf stickers, posters, hats, sunglasses, and more.

Consider going the extra mile and decorating your space with more posters of celebrated cannabis enthusiasts like Bob Marley, Wiz Khalifa, Seth Rogen, and more.

420-Themed Candles

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A 420 party requires a cake. After all, Julia Child once said, “A party without cake is just a meeting.”

Your 420-themed cake will look epic sitting under a few cannabis-themed candles. Check out these 420 Novelty Joint and Pot Leaf Adult Cake Candles from Highly Curated Candles.

This brand literally specializes in candles for this special day. Not only that but all other weedy celebrations you have in mind. Forget cheap dollar-store candles. Why not spark a joint candle instead?

Sample Stations

A good host will gather gifts and treats for their guests. A great way to do that is with a weedy sample station, including samples of different strains across Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid options, alongside other treats like gummies, cookies, and more.

Simply purchase a few different products and divide them into different sections for your guests. This may be pretty expensive to purchase solo, so consider asking your guests to chip in a few bucks to cover the cost of your sample station.

Infused Treats & Appetizers

Photo by fu zhichao / Pexels

Did you know that you can infuse cannabis into practically any dessert or dish? That includes finger foods and appetizers.

For any dish, dessert, or appetizer that requires butter or oil, use cannabutter or canna-oil instead. Although, this requires some preparation, as you’ll need to decarboxylate weed in order to create cannabutter or canna-oil.

You could opt for the easy way out, which means using a potent THC oil and infusing it into any recipe of your choice.

A Weed-Themed Playlist

Looking for tunes to bump during your 420 bash? We’ve got just the playlist.

Our Herb Frequency Playlist features the newbies, the oldies, and everything in between. From celebrity stoners like Wiz Khalifa to killer tracks that any weed-lover will adore, find it on our playlist.

Bonus points if you have a record player and opt for Houseplant’s Vinyl Box Set, curated by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg and designed for Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid sessions.

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