Every stoner has their preferences in the art of joint rolling. Some are more efficient than others and some are more complex. When it comes to getting it right, it’s good to go back to the basics. Here are five ways to roll a basic joint, including the classic, the spliff, the cone joint and the blunt. For those of you on the go, there are also instructions on speed joint rolling. Make sure you can do at least one of these before moving onto fancier joints. (Note: Some videos contain swearing.)

1. Rolling a Classic Joint

Includes instructions on rolling a filter and using a grinder.

2. Speed Joint Rolling


Sometimes you need to roll a joint in 30 seconds. Now you know how to.

3. Rolling a Perfect Cone Joint

Similar to a basic joint but rolled on an angle, giving it a cone shape.

4. Rolling a Spliff

Like a regular joint, but with tobacco. (This one also shows how to use a filter.)

5. Rolling a Blunt

A blunt is a hollow cigar that has been filled with marijuana—a joint that uses tobacco wrap instead of rolling papers.



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