There are different skill levels in the herb-smoking world, especially when it comes to rolling joints or blunts. Everyone has been with a group where they pass all the weed to that one person who can roll a great joint without tearing the paper. This person immediately takes on a form of tribal elder status. This one basic skill separates entry-level smokers from experienced ones. Check out the video by below!

A Lost Art To Many

Perhaps this skill is rarer than it once was, as fewer people have rolled their own smokes with tobacco in the modern age. My great-grandfather could roll a cigarette with one hand and his teeth while riding a horse, tobacco pouch and all, in about 30 seconds. That skill was not inherited. I grew up using a simple trick to give me perfect joints of any thickness, and I want to share it with you today.

James from has made a video that shows you exactly how to get it done, even if you tear more paper than a puppy in a pile of Christmas presents. Watch and learn.

Step 1: Dollar Bill

Get a dollar bill, and fold it in half. (If you roll big, larger denominations are a form of male plumage, meant to impress the ladies.)

Step 2: Add Herb

Make sure there are no stems to stab through your paper, and that your smoke is crumbly, but not powder-fine. A joint rolled too tight with powdery herb will be hard to smoke unless you lance it with a needle to get more airflow. Roll your herb to form heading down the bill.

Step 3: Add Paper

Place your paper just behind your herb, and roll back up the bill. you can lick it right away, or wait until it is almost done. Then, keep rolling up the bill until it has that nice, finished form. Don’t forget to check for runners or loose corners. Tada! A perfectly rolled joint, without the headache of tearing papers.

What is your secret technique for perfect joints? Do you prefer dove-tails? Blunts? Spliffs? Fatties? Pinners? Share your skills on social media, or in the comments below.