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Learn | 03.12.2022

3 Things To Consider Before Buying A Vape Cart Battery

It's important to compare what to consider before buying a vape cart battery. In collaboration with Eureka.

Vaping is an excellent way of enjoying cannabis concentrates, and manufacturers have developed new ways to enhance the experience. For instance, making better batteries to make your sesh last longer.

Then, you want to see what are the best vaping devices of the new generation. That is why it is important to compare what to consider before buying them.

Comparing vape cart batteries is not that hard. We have broken down the number of features you must check in a high-quality vape cart battery into three.

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Temperature Control

Photo courtesy of Eureka Vapor

It is a great feature to be able of changing the heat of your vape. It changes the amount of smoke you get from vaping and also has incidence in the flavor.

For example, high temperatures produce more smoke, so the effects might hit earlier and be more intense. But, it burns your oil faster so it doesn’t last that long.

Low heat treats your weed better and prevents it from burning. Thus, you won’t get that unpleasant burnt flavor when vaping that often cuts the vibes. Plus, low heat allows you to sense the subtle notes of minor terpenes better. Thus, the flavor is more complex and delightful.

In the end, it is a matter of preferences. And, brands like Eureka have voltage settings so you can control the temperature. Then, you don’t only have more life battery, but a more diverse experience.

Their voltage setting ranges from 2.6 v to 4.1 v, in which you find what most users need. And it is simple to use as you can change it by pressing one button.

Fast Heat Up Time

Photo courtesy of Eureka Vapor

When vaping, some devices take minutes to fully heat your oil.  And, a slow heat up makes your vape start with a weak smoke that can be hard to enjoy.  Then, you want a battery that accelerates the process and starts your sesh soon.

The Eureka mod battery has a smart heat-up tech that makes your session start with a nice cloud of smoke. Instead of waiting for the pen to reach the heat and the taste that you want, do it from the beginning.

It only will set a preheat temperature so you can vape almost immediately. And, it won’t burn your oil. The smart heat-up tech sets a temperature that preserves terpenes and cannabinoids. And, you don’t have to do anything to activate it. As soon as you power up your device, the pre-heat begins.

Battery Life

Photo courtesy of Eureka Vapor

This is the main act of every battery, and it is to expand the amount of time of your sesh before running out of energy. You want to carry this when going far from home, like in nature. Thus, a dying battery is a pain.

The way to measure how much energy a battery can hold is by mAh. Take the Eureka mod battery that has 900 mAh. That is a massive battery that will last for weeks before dying. It doesn’t mean it has to be bulky, it holds a lot of energy but it is still stylish.

And of course, you want a battery that doesn’t take a life to recharge. Most batteries that take longer to fully recharge hold their power for longer. In the case of Eureka, it takes up to two hours to recharge. Then, it is not that long and you don’t have to do it often as you can use it for dozens of sessions.

To learn more about battery mods and Eureka which we used as an example, see our full review on this product.

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