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Learn | 04.04.2023

5 Things Beginner Weed Users Should Know

Here are 5 things I wish I had known during my beginner weed-user days.

Cannabis use is more popular than ever before. With legalization spreading like wildfire in states and countries worldwide, more first-time weed users are stepping up to the plate.

Lucky for them, our industry has expanded to create products designed specifically for beginners. From low-THC gummies to disposable vapes, there’s something for everyone in our special community.

However, immersing yourself in the cannabis lifestyle takes some knowledge of the plant and your chosen products. If you’re looking to dive into cannabis use and perhaps keep it around for the long haul, here are five things I wish I knew as a beginner weed user.

Find A THC Percentage That's Right For You

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The most important aspect of easing your way into cannabis use is knowing your tolerance like the back of your hand. 

That is how much weed, or THC, your body can handle until your experiences go from euphoric to paranoid and uncomfortable. These negative experiences can seriously put a damper on your relationship with weed. 

Ease your way into cannabis until you’re certain how much THC your body can handle. Don’t feel pressured to get absolutely stoned with a wickedly strong flower strain. Choose a strain that’s lower in THC to test the waters and see how you feel. 

Get A Smell-Proof Stash Bag, Box, Or Container

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If you’re looking to keep your cannabis use as discreet as possible, be sure to get yourself a smell-proof way to store your stash. 

There are thousands of stash bags and storage containers designed to conceal your herb’s aroma and maintain its quality and freshness. Use these to your advantage. Chances are, those baggies you’re using aren’t doing the job, and your closet is starting to smell. 

Likewise, mason jars may help conceal the smell, but the clear glass can expose your flower to light and heat, which degrades its quality, freshness, and THC level over time. Get yourself a specifically-designed stash bag or container for cannabis. Thank me later.

Don't Panic, Grab Some Visine

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During my first few months as a cannabis user, I feared nothing more than getting caught high (especially when living with my parents).

Here’s the deal. People likely won’t be able to tell that you’re high unless you make it obvious. If you believe someone else knows you’re high, you’ll probably start acting like it. The key to keeping your cannabis use discreet is keeping calm and using anti-redness eye drops like Visine.

Red eyes are one of the most obvious giveaways that you just smoked weed. Using these eye drops can give you peace of mind knowing that you’re not portraying any physical attributes of being stoned. Thus, it can calm you down and keep you from acting high. It’s all in your mind.

Ease Your Way Into Smoking Weed Alone

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THC-induced paranoia is very real. Not only that, but it can be a regular occurrence with individuals who already experience anxiety.

A helpful tip to avoid THC-induced paranoia is smoking weed with friends. That way, you know others are experiencing what you’re going through, and you can easily talk it out with them. Until you’re quite comfortable with your cannabis use and understand your tolerance, keep using cannabis with friends.

Smoking weed alone for a beginner who happens to use too much for their tolerance can be uncomfortable. You may call up a friend to calm you down or find yourself down the next internet rabbit hole, wondering if you’ll ever feel normal again.

Ease your way into smoking weed alone only when you know how much THC your tolerance can handle.

It's An Expensive Habit


Lastly, cannabis can be pretty expensive. That’s especially true if you choose to purchase top-shelf, premium flower from popular brands.

One of the biggest mistakes I’ve made as a beginner weed user was buying cannabis in smaller quantities. Purchasing 3.5 grams at the dispensary week after week meant I was spending roughly $40+ on cannabis that would only last me seven days, sometimes even less.

If you plan to continue using weed for a while, buy in larger quantities and store it. It may cost you more at the moment, but it saves you money in the long run. Today, 14 grams of weed, which can cost about $90+, can last me a month. Compare that to spending $40+ every week on 3.5 grams.

Use our storage tips above and find a smell-proof way to store your cannabis. Don’t be afraid to purchase in larger quantities, as it not only saves you money but also trips to the dispensary.

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