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Learn | 01.13.2023

7 Points: Where The True Californian Cannabis Experience Awaits

From cultivation to delivery, 7 Points is the epitome of quality Californian cannabis.

Who grows the best weed? Anyone will tell you that the west coast is the best coast, primarily due to its favorable climate and growing conditions.

Whether you’re a Cali local or a tourist, all cannabis users are entitled to the true Californian cannabis experience. Luckily, it’s easier to access than ever before.

Brands like 7 Points are showcasing what it truly means to grow California’s finest flower while selling them at affordable prices. This brand also handles all aspects of operations, from cultivation to delivery.

See below for more information about 7 Points and how you can experience the finest Californian flower on the market.

About 7 Points

7 Points is a firm believer that the cannabis experience is meant to be shared. They strive to provide customers with the best possible cannabis experience through true California flower grown in the Central Valley.

The team uses a former citrus packing house as their main facility, with over 100K square feet of high-production vegetative and flowering rooms. Cultivation aside, 7 Points aims to give the Central Valley the true Californian cannabis experience through top-shelf flower, pre-rolls, and concentrates.

7 Points carries over 1,000 premium products through their non-storefront mobile dispensary, which can be delivered straight to your door (spanning 70 miles from Bakersfield to Fresno).

The brand launched in 2018 and has since become a staple part of the Californian cannabis community and the local community. Taxes from purchases have helped the City of Woodlake build new parks, fund police vehicles, and benefit the Woodlake Parks and Recreation Program.

True Californian Flower

7 Points 7G Bag

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It doesn’t get much better than 7 grams of your favorite Californian flower. This 7-gram bag of premium flower contains potent, dense, and compact buds for the ultimate cannabis experience. Not only are they strong, but they’re affordable too. See the list of strains offered below:


7 Points Pre-Rolls

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This seven-pack of high-quality pre-rolls is loaded with 0.5g of 100% whole flower per classic straight-tube joint. You’ll never find bush or shake in these bad boys. Each package contains a 1/8th of flower and comes in the following potent strains:


7 Points 1G Concentrates

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Yes, 7 Points offers concentrates too. This premium Live Rosin is made by Los Angles-based Cali-Xotics and Cryo Labs using whole plant fresh frozen flower processed using ice, water, heat, and pressure.

The Payton option is an aromatic, sweet, and floral concentrate that’s potent enough to wash away the day’s stress without sending you to bed. On the other hand, the Pineapple Mac option is perfect for sleep and pain relief, thanks to its heavy-hitting and sedating effects.

For more products and information about 7 Points, visit their website at 7points.biz.

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