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A Stoner’s Guide To The Ultimate Dab Setup

The Stündenglass Gravity Bong paired with the G Pen Hyer brings you the best in cannabis technology, innovation, and experience.

Traditional dabbing will always have our backs. Although we adore our precious cannabis rituals, who’s to say you can’t elevate them?

Today’s cannabis space has introduced an array of new products and devices to help elevate your dabbing game to the next level. Devices like the dual-use G Pen Hyer let us explore new ways to dab efficiently while letting you use the device in any glass-on-glass water piece, like the Stündenglass Gravity Bong.

These two state-of-the-art devices present the future of cannabis consumption, and using them together is your one-way ticket to ultra-elevated dab rituals that maximize vapor quality, flavor, potency, and experience.

Learn more about the G Pen Hyer and the Stündenglass Gravity Bong below, and see how to use them together for the ultimate dab experience.

The Stündenglass Gravity Bong

Stündenglass is the maker of the leading gravity bong on the market, the Stündenglass Gravity Bong. Powered by kinetic energy, opposing airflow technology, and gravity, this state-of-the-art bong uses the highest quality materials to deliver smooth, consistent, and cloudy draws.

This gravity bong comes with two large borosilicate glass globes and a 3-foot silicone hose for direct draws, or opt for the steady stream of smoke through the 45° adjustable mouthpiece for contactless consumption. The Stündenglass Gravity Bong is the epitome of aesthetics meets functionality, and it’s quite the conversation starter.

It comes with an aluminum bowl kit and a glass liner, but it can connect to any smoking or vaporization device with a 14mm male joint, like the G Pen Hyer. See more information about the renowned G Pen Hyer below.

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The G Pen Hyer

The G Pen Hyer is a dual-use, portable vaporizer for concentrates and dried flower. It uses smart heating technology with constant temperature output to ensure you’re making the most of your flavorful and potent concentrate or flower.

As mentioned, the G Pen Hyer can connect to any glass-on-glass water piece, like the Stündenglass Gravity Bong. Before we get into how to use these devices together, the G Pen Hyer features a simple three-button operation and a five-LED user interface for effortless setup and easy usability.

The concentrates tank heats up through a custom-stamped stainless steel heating element. The full quartz chamber and internal up-stem offer even heating, efficient airflow, and high-quality concentrate vapor.

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Stündenglass Gravity Bong x G Pen Hyer

The G Pen Hyer comes with a 14mm male glass adapter that perfectly snuggles into the Stündenglass. Start by holding down the power button on the G Pen Hyer for three seconds. Toggle through the temperature settings, which are as follows:

  • Blue = 482F
  • Turquoise = 572F
  • Green = 662F
  • Yellow = 752F
  • Red = 842F

The G Pen Hyer also comes with session timers that range from 15 seconds to 70 seconds. Once you’ve selected your preferred settings, double-click the power button to start dabbing.

Instead of pulling directly from the Stündenglass’s 3-foot hose while swirling your concentrate, simply turn the Gravity Bong’s glass globes and watch them fill with cloudy vapor from your concentrate and the G Pen Hyer.

As mentioned, you could also opt for a steady stream of smoke from the Stündenglass without the hose for contactless consumption. Finally, using the G Pen Hyer with the Stündenglass Gravity Bong ensures you’re getting maximum flavor while cooling the vapor with the Stündenglass’s water-filled glass globes.

Vaping has never been so innovative. Experience the future of cannabis consumption today with the G Pen Hyer and the Stündenglass Gravity Bong.

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