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Atmos Jump Review: A Dry Herb Vaporizer Where Sleek Meets Powerful

Here's everything you need to know about this compact vape that'll be your best friend for on-the-go sessions.

For experienced vapers or those who are new to this world, the Atmos Jump is a great vaporizer to have. Not only does it have good value for money, but is it also ideal if you are looking for a vape that can be used in public due to its practically undetectable vapor.

Beyond the vague descriptions and flashy ads, here is what makes the Atmos Jump Dry Herb Vaporizer so unique.

The Technical Details That Make It Great

The Atmos Jump vape has very powerful batteries of around 1.2Ah, making it ideally independent from constant charging. The downside, I guess, is that when you do have to charge it, it takes about three hours to get full—in my experience, quite some time compared to your average vape. That, or I have lost patience with age.

This vaporizer has an even and supercooling pull that produces way less vapor than your usual vaporizer. The cooling method, done through convection, leads to the discrete vapor and gives a superbly satisfying sensation with each pull.

Photo courtesy of Atmos

Additionally, the heating chamber is made of steel, and the body of this vape is carbon fiber, which leads to a highly optimal design and an outstanding balance between weight and comfort to the hand. 

The carbon fiber design comes in different colors: Carbon Black, Carbon Blue, Carbon Gold, Carbon Green, Carbon Red, and my personal favorite, Carbon Coral.

One of the biggest highlights of the Atmos Jump Vaporizer is that it is not only discrete but also has a super attractive design.

Regarding the specifics of what the Atmos Jump vape will include if you buy a new one, the package contains, aside from the vape itself:

  • A mouthpiece
  • A Micro-USB charger
  • A cleaning brush – super sleek and easy to store design
  • A packing tool, also small and comfortable to carry with the entire kit

Using The Atmos Jump

The Atmos Jump Vaporizer is easy to use, it has a single power button, and the temperature is pre-set at 392°F, so you can never go wrong when it comes to applying the necessary heat to your herb. To use it, follow these simple steps:

1. Remove the mouthpiece, leaving the heating chamber open, by rotating it counterclockwise to unlock it.

2. Put your dry herbs in the heating chamber (helping yourself with the packing tool that will stop you from getting your poor pinky finger dirty and stuck, and press your material nicely into the chamber). On this point, be careful with how much material you put in; it is not necessary to overpack.

3. You will be doing yourself a favor (or your wallet) and also leaving space for the herb to fill up the chamber as it heats; make sure you nicely and firmly tamp down your ground-up herbs.

Photo courtesy of Atmos

4. Press the power button three times, and an orange light will go on, showing that the vape is heating. Please wait for the LED light on the body to go green, indicating that it has reached the ideal temperature.

5. Inhale, relax, and enjoy– as many times as you want.

6. Once you are done with your sesh, I recommend removing the mouthpiece again and giving the chamber a quick clean with the cleaning brush. Being a tool that you will always have at hand if you have your vape on you, you might as well keep it clean with a simple brush instead of giving it a deep cleanse or having to rub it more than you would like when it has been too long since your last refresh.

7. The device will turn off on its own after five minutes to save battery, but you can also turn it off yourself by pressing on the power button again, three times.

Best Features Of The Atmos Jump

The Atmos Jump Vaporizer has many benefits, and again – definitely good value for money. However, there are some details that you might want to be aware of before purchasing one yourself.

Firstly, the pre-set temperature can be thought of as one thing less to worry about, but some users have mentioned that being able to heat it some more would have enhanced their experience. It is hard to know since each vape has its twist.

Still, it’s a respectable opinion, especially from experienced vapers who understand what each temperature translates as in the mouth.

Photo courtesy of Atmos

When it comes to durability, the materials of this device, in general, are fantastic. However, the plastic mouthpiece can let you down, and although it is cheap and easy to replace, it would be ideal not to have to do so.

Nonetheless, changing the mouthpiece can be a good idea even if it does not break or crack since the filters and edges would logically need a refresh after some time of use.

Final Words

This simple, discrete, and travel-friendly vaporizer is a good buy. Especially recommended for beginners, the Atmos Jump reduces vaping to pressing in your herb and inhaling, which can take some weight off your back.

The biggest attraction is how portable it is and how long it can last without charging. 

Great for carrying around, using social events of any kind – from grandma’s birthday to the club, ready to be used after only 30 seconds of heating, and prepared to put right back into your pocket immediately after you are done.

Considering its price, I believe it even makes sense to purchase one and try it out, and having it as a back-up for unexpected outings for which you want something that won’t show and that will last through the entire event without letting you down.

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