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Cannabis Equity: Black Owned Cannabis Brands To Know & Support

This is the third installment of our four-part Black History Month special dedicated to honoring and celebrating Black communities in the cannabis industry.

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It can be and has been a source of prideful demonstrations, likewise, the celebration of Black History Month has inevitably generated controversy at times. But we’re not here to give our opinion on it or review the month’s origins.

All of that is beside the fact because we are NOT history experts. In fact, far from it.

All we know is one thing… 

And that thing is Weed.

That said:

We just couldn’t hold off from chiming in and highlighting some of the best Black-owned cannabis brands in the game today.

As the cannabis market grows the number of brands available has become impossible to track.

Every now and then we’ll put out a list of cannabis brands we think are noteworthy and deserve a shout-out. The following 20 cannabis companies are the cream of the crop when it comes to Black-owned businesses:

King Palm

Photo courtesy of King Palm

If you’re new to cannabis, it’s highly likely that one of the first brands you spot is King Palm. Home to the best pre-rolled cones and flavored palm leaf wraps with dozens of flavors to choose from. King Palm is a ‘go-to’ for cannabis enthusiasts looking to roll a mean blunt.

Every King Palm wrap is made from natural palm leaf and 100% tobacco-free. King Palm also has a wide selection of flavored tips and filters for a rolling enthusiast with a keen eye for a tight smoke.

Jane Parade

Photo courtesy of Jane Parade

Jane Parade designs apparel and accessories for the modern cannabis consumer. Specifically for female consumers that enjoy cannabis and how it can influence their lives positively. At Jane Parade you’ll find anything from cannabis incense to branded hats and mugs.

Jane Parade was founded in 2018 and is based out of Brooklyn, NY. Every Jane Parade item follows a subtle design envisioned with female cannabis consumers in mind. Jane Parade makes an effort to change the image of women who enjoy cannabis and it will be very interesting to see how the brand develops as cannabis regulations keep changing.

Black Dragon Breakfast Club

Photo courtesy of Black Dragon Breakfast Club

First of all, there isn’t a cannabis brand out there with a better name than Black Dragon Breakfast Club. That said, the mission of BDBC is to play an important role in changing the perception of cannabis. Not only do they constantly help their followers understand cannabis better, but they also offer accountability, self-care, and professional services for cannabis consumers.

BDBC was first established in 2019 by Tsehaitu Abye, an Ethiopian-American cannabis patient and visionary entrepreneur who began Black Dragon Breakfast Club by connecting cannabis patients to professionals and creatives in the cannabis industry. In short, Tsehaitu and BDBC act as a cannabis accountability coach service.

Soul and Wellness

Photo courtesy of Soul and Wellness

Soul and Wellness links Chicago residents to an ample variety of medical cannabis services and education.

Tiffany Reynolds started Soul and Wellness with the sole purpose of educating individuals on the medical benefits of cannabis and through this education, doing her part to break the stigma surrounding the plant. Another top priority for Soul and Wellness is to break the disparity of minority-owned businesses but always focusing on providing educational resources and holistic products that help reverse the whiplashes of the war on drugs.

Cronja Culture

Photo courtesy of Cronja Culture

As you get more and more involved in the inner workings of any culture, you begin to notice small details that wouldn’t have grabbed your attention before. Cronja Culture makes the kind of products that an experienced cannabis consumer would appreciate. Luxury cases and trays designed and hand-stitched in the Los Angeles Fashion District using supreme quality leather. A fashionable yet easily portable option that would stand out just about anywhere.

Cronja Culture is a veteran and Black-owned business committed to helping the cannabis community right the wrongs of the past and the whiplash of the war on drugs that is still evident to date.

Next Green Wave

Photo courtesy of Next Green Wave

NGW is a publically traded company in the U.S. and Canada that distributes in-house cultivated, real, carefully crafted cannabis sourced from unique pheno hunted strains for California. Every NGW product is grown at their facility in Coalinga California and intended to satisfy the palette of the Californian cannabis connoisseur. A high-end, 35,000 sf, state-of-the-art facility for indoor growing. 

NGW is powered by their passion to hunt unique strains and expand their genetic library. Thus, bringing the consumer (you), top-notch flower.

Elev8 Cannabis

Photo courtesy of Elev8 Cannabis

The intention of merely going through life living is not enough for Elev8 Cannabis. They are set on the mission to help people love themselves and find what truly makes them happy. By treating people like gold, Elev8 Cannabis helps you BE alive, and not simply living. Elev8 gets all of this done by curating only the very best products from the brands you love and trust.

Seun Adedeji is an immigrant from the South Side of Chicago, and the CEO and founder of Elev8 Cannabis. With a passion to help people and minorities in the cannabis industry, Seun leads his company based on love, creativity, and hustle.

Humble Bloom

Photo courtesy of Humble Bloom

The Humble Bloom team works collaboratively within the industry to help paint a broader picture of what cannabis culture really is. Breaking the stigma, elevating brands with integrity, forging partnerships with leaders and experts, providing consultative support to new brands, and connecting diverse communities through education in the benefits of the plant is what Humble Bloom is all about.

Xula Herbs

Photo courtesy of Xula Herbs

As soon as you open the Xula website you’ll understand that they breathe and live for helping women feel good in their bodies by using hemp + herbs as a catalyst. All Xula products include organically grown hemp and herbs that help you feel yourself.

Xula Herbs is a Latinx and Black-owned hemp company born in Mexico and grown in the U.S. All CBD used in Xula products comes from their own hemp farm, which allows them to ensure nothing but the highest quality available.


Photo courtesy of Ardent

We’ve known about Ardent for a while. A company that makes innovative and industry-changing devices that help us change the way we make cannabis-based edibles. 

Ardent believes in using honest and unbiased science to make the cannabis plant a rich and inexpensive source of medicine and pharmaceuticals. To that end, Ardent patents and promotes better ways to stabilize, utilize and deliver the benefits of cannabis. A Boston-based biotech and medical cannabis device company that takes the meaning of ‘innovation’ in the cannabis industry one step forward.

Ball Family Farms

Photo courtesy of Ball Family Farms

Ball Family Farms is an excitingly branded cannabis company that offers premium cannabis products with quality you can actually taste. BFF handcrafts their cannabis from the finest raw and organic nutrients.  

Every BFF product is meticulously thought out and every component of their genetics is purposefully pheno-hunted, developed, and produced in-house following incredibly precise standards.


Photo courtesy of Viola

The war on drugs has taken a toll on society. Not only back then, but we are still experiencing the long-term consequences of the decisions made based on it. 

Viola aims to help increase and empower minority ownership in the cannabis industry and within Viola by creating a coalition of minority investors, reinvesting into the community, and creating accessible opportunities for minorities. Viola curates ultra-premium cannabis products in California, Oregon, Michigan, and Colorado.

The Hollingsworth Co.

Photo courtesy of The Hollingsworth Cannabis Company

The Hollingsworth Co., or THC for short, is a family of cannabis advocates and connoisseurs passionate about plant power and farming. THC gives special importance to the genetics used in every batch, as these are the bases for a high-end cannabis product made from a healthy plant and clean harvest.

THC Co. has an incredible talent for ‘attention to detail’, starting with the top-of-the-line farming practices and sustainable processes used to get to harvest.

Blunt Blowin' Mama

Photo courtesy of Blunt Bowin Mama

Blunt Blowin’ Mama is a content creator dedicated to normalizing medicinal cannabis use among moms. She also leads a podcast called the Blunt Blowin’ Mama Podcast and tackles her goal of normalizing cannabis-consuming mamas with statement-making shirts.

Simply High Extracts

Photo courtesy of Simply High Extracts

With Simply High Extracts the result is feeling empowered to make your own cannabis-infused edibles and gourmet dishes. But more than making food, you will feel like art is being created, real gourmet food made with real high-end cannabis extract.

The first cannabis brand that has made a real effort to bring healthy, versatile cooking extracts with the intention of helping you create in the kitchen. Stand out Simply High Extracts products include vegan butter and an assortment of pressed oils that are easy to include in any recipe.

Mary Magazine

Photo courtesy of Mary Magazine

Mary Magazine is the ‘mature’ voice of cannabis culture. A Forbes-featured podcast dedicated to talking about everything cannabis; eats, living, marketplaces, city guides, and pretty much anything you can think of. 

The Mary Magazine online publication gives you the opportunity to find, shop, and learn about cannabis. Subjects touched in Mary Mag cover everything from science innovations to lifestyle, music, and wellness.

Curated Cones

Photo courtesy of Curated Cones

Curated Cones is an all-you-can-think-of type of place where you’ll find your next favorite smoking accessory. With a deep selection of cones, accessories, apparel, and glass that will leave you smitten, Curated Cones is a brand worth making the list.


Photo courtesy of Nekktar

Nekktar connects you to the cannabis accessory you want and need. But Nekktar’s star product is the Buzz Box. The BHM Buzz Box is a special edition release of the groundbreaking joint storage accessory. Bathed in a black coat to celebrate and pay tribute to Black History Month. An innovative item made with water-resistant features and an aroma-concealing design.

The limited-edition Buzz Box is inspired in part by Megan Thee Stallion and carries the message of empowering Black women everywhere. As a Black-owned business Nekktar is committed to donating a portion of its profits to racial and criminal justice initiatives.

James Henry SF

Photo courtesy of James Henry SF

A Black-owned luxe cannabis equity brand located in the heart of cannabis creation – California. James Henry SF creates proprietary formulations and cannabis products with the aid of doctors.

Their mission is to show people how to optimize their cannabis experiences, regardless of what their goals are. No matter the occasion, James Henry has a product that will fit your needs. James Henry SF embodies the meaning of responsible cannabis use through California-made, Bay Area proud products.


Photo courtesy of Cannaclusive

InclusiveBase is a database created by Cannaclusive that includes Black-owned cannabis businesses all over the United States. It also includes information about minorities and minorities-owned cannabis businesses. Visit the site to learn more about Black-owned cannabis businesses, as well as those that are owned by minorities.

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February 19, 2021
Written by Herb
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February 19, 2021
Written by Herb

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