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Learn | 03.01.2023

Cannabis For Concentration: Is Weed What You Need To Focus?

Discussing how cannabis can benefit ADD, ADHD, focus, and concentration.

There’s a reason why weed makes everything seem less boring. Artists use it to spark creativity, and the average user might find relief and relaxation in cannabis. However, is there a link between cannabis and concentration?

The answer is yes. Cannabis has natural properties that promote motivation and inspiration, which relieve stress and anxiety while promoting a deeper level of focus to get your tasks done. 

Before diving into your next tedious task, consider adding some CBD or THC to the mix. Not convinced just yet? Read on to learn more about the benefits of cannabis for concentration and focus.

Cannabis For ADD & ADHD

Both research and anecdotal reports state that cannabis can improve focus levels and concentration. From personal experience, it often helps me find pleasure in rather boring tasks while reducing stress and anxiety to help promote clearer thoughts.

This means cannabis could potentially benefit those with ADD or ADHD. The plant is also thought to elongate one’s attention span, meaning you can focus deeper on whatever’s got your attention at the moment, be it a movie, book, or tasks like doing the dishes.

Furthermore, cannabis may help promote better executive functions, which comprises a list of skills including the following:

  • Planning ahead and meeting deadlines
  • Presenting a calm, composed, and self-controlled demeanor
  • Following directions
  • Organization
  • Flexibility

It’s worth noting that research is still somewhat limited on the subject considering cannabis is still federally illegal in the United States. Still, short-term studies and anecdotal reports state that cannabis can help ADD and ADHD.

Cannabis And The Mesolimbic System

The mesolimbic system in the brain is often referred to as the reward system, which is responsible for producing dopamine and feel-good sensations when we do something rewarding.

Interestingly, both primary cannabinoids THC and CBD are linked to enhancing the rewards system in the brain by producing dopamine that makes you feel good. This also explains why using cannabis during boring tasks makes your duties a lot more enjoyable.

Dopamine could also help promote focus and concentration, meaning you’ll feel good, inspired, and motivated to complete the work you’re doing. Plus, dopamine also reduces stress and anxiety, which can lead to increased focus by removing mental obstacles.


Cannabis has a long list of benefits, one of them being the ability to promote focus and concentration by removing stress and anxiety and producing dopamine.

Although the plant has yet to be researched thoroughly and legally in the United States, many anecdotal reports state that cannabis helps reduce symptoms of ADD and ADHD while elongating the attention span and producing feelings of motivation and inspiration. Is weed what you need to focus? It very well could be.

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