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Learn | 03.14.2023

Creative Cannabis Marketing Strategies

Ready to attract new customers and grow your business? Learn creative marketing strategies that help cannabis businesses stand out in the industry

In today’s digital age, social media has become a standard marketing tool for many businesses, including those in the cannabis sector.

However, relying solely on social media can limit a brand’s growth and prevent it from reaching a wider audience, especially given the current restrictions on cannabis advertising.

Stepping outside of this standard and exploring alternative marketing strategies for social media can help cannabis brands reach more people and build a stronger presence in the cannabis marketplace.

By leveraging creative marketing strategies, cannabis brands can differentiate themselves from their competitors and reach new audiences. Here are some of the most effective creative cannabis marketing strategies.


Sponsorship has been a widely used form of advertising in different industries, including cannabis.

By sponsoring events or organizations that align with your brand values, cannabis brands can increase their visibility and reach new audiences.

Through sponsorship many people can observe your brand and have contact with it, this allows cannabis brands to reach more people and become known in different environments.

Additionally, if you participate as a sponsor of cannabis events, you are already at the center of your target audience. Here it is possible to bring together two different types of marketing, which is event marketing supported by sponsorship, it is a win-win.


This marketing technique may not seem so creative to you, in fact, it is part of the traditional marketing techniques. But do you know why there are still billboards everywhere you go? For the simple reason that they work.

So if you want to employ an alternative to the typical social media, billboards are an excellent option to explore.

Billboards are a tried and true advertising method that can help cannabis brands reach a large local audience. By creating eye-catching graphics and messaging, cannabis brands can build brand awareness and drive traffic to their business.

Don’t forget to always check state and local laws regarding the appearance of cannabis-related themes on billboards, you don’t want to be in for a surprise once your marketing strategy -and money- is out there.


Podcasts have become very popular in recent times, and in fact, they are an excellent way to reach a target audience that is curious about certain topics.

If you can align quality content creation with a structured podcast with valuable content, you’ll be on the right marketing path.

Podcasts are a fast-growing medium that can help cannabis stores reach a highly engaged and targeted audience.

By sponsoring, participating in, or creating your own cannabis-related podcasts, it is possible to position yourself as a thought leader in the industry.


As we already mentioned in the sponsorship section, participating in cannabis-related events already puts you in the spotlight of your target audience and you will have more chances to effectively reach them.

By hosting or participating in cannabis events, cannabis brands can connect with their community and showcase their products and services.

Participating in events or creating cannabis-related events can encompass a myriad of activities that will allow your brand to connect with your community and effectively reach new people. Use your creativity and explore everything you can do!

You could even think of alliances with other brands -related to cannabis or not- to join your event to reach even more people and achieve a wider reach.

Tip: Social media is very useful to promote these events. Combine different cannabis marketing tools to have a greater reach!

Traditional Advertising

Don’t underestimate the power of traditional marketing, in some cases, it can be quite effective.

Although digital marketing is becoming increasingly popular, traditional advertising methods such as print ads can still be effective for cannabis brands.

Creating compelling messages and targeting the right audience is a useful way to increase visibility and drive traffic to a physical dispensary for example.

Remember to always check the regulations before doing any marketing strategy! In some localities or states, there are restrictions on the delivery of material containing allusions to cannabis, for example near schools and parks.

Email & SMS Marketing

Email or SMS marketing is a different and practical way for cannabis companies to engage with their customers and promote their products and services.

By creating targeted email or SMS campaigns, you can build brand loyalty and increase sales.

Additionally, through the analysis of data provided by customers to your brand, it is possible to make personalized marketing campaigns that reach consumers directly through email or SMS, this generates more lasting links and promotes the intention to purchase in users.

Partnerships Inside And Outside The Cannabis Sector

Another creative marketing strategy is to seek partnerships with brands inside and outside the cannabis world.

By partnering with other brands that align with their values, cannabis brands can create mutually beneficial relationships and reach new audiences.

This could include partnering with wellness brands, food and beverage brands, or other cannabis-related companies.

These partnerships create synergies between different brands that reach a larger target audience than if they stood alone, and can create packages or benefits through the partner brands that further attract the attention of potential consumers.

Social Cause Marketing

Actively participating in social causes is not essential for a cannabis brand, but it is a way to contribute to a better world and connect with your customers on a deeper level and build brand loyalty.

Social causes marketing could include partnering with organizations that support cannabis legalization, environmental sustainability, or social justice. There are many social causes out there and if you can get involved in any of them it would be incredible, plus it’s a way to generate links with communities that can be very useful for any cannabis brand.

Rewards Program

If you’re a loyal customer, you like to be rewarded for it. Having a rewards or customer loyalty program is another creative way to reward and thank your existing customer base for being there and preferring your brand.

It is a cannabis marketing strategy that can be linked to a referral program, where customers who bring in more customers will benefit from different rewards.

It is a way to increase the bond with your existing customer base while reaching out to new people, plus it builds brand loyalty in the minds of consumers.

Final Opinion

Cannabis marketing is not an exact science, it is changeable as the tools available and the way consumers think also change, so it is important to have creative cannabis marketing strategies that are innovative and reach customers in different ways.

Overall, these creative cannabis marketing strategies can help cannabis brands stand out in a crowded marketplace and connect with their target audience in new and meaningful ways.

It’s important to remember that marketing success in any industry requires experimentation, measurement, and a willingness to adapt and try new things. By staying on top of cannabis industry trends and constantly innovating their marketing strategies, cannabis brands can thrive and stay relevant in a rapidly evolving industry.

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