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Find Your Bliss At Nevada-Based Thrive Cannabis Marketplace

This set of Nevada dispensaries welcomes cannabis users from all walks of life.

Dispensaries are essential. They provide our community with the safest, purest, and most potent cannabis products. Without them, we would face serious challenges finding cannabis products we can trust.

Today, there are thousands of dispensaries nationwide, and choosing which shops are worthwhile is another challenge consumers often face. If you’re in Nevada, consider that problem solved. Meet Thrive Cannabis Marketplace, a dispensary brand located in Nevada with shops all around the state.

Their superior customer service and diverse product lineup never fail to impress anyone who stops by. Read on for more information about Thrive Cannabis Marketplace and a few best-selling products.

About Thrive Cannabis Marketplace

This isn’t your average dispensary. This Nevada-based brand has become a go-to shop for recreational users and medical patients alike. Impressively, Thrive Cannabis Marketplace is the largest independently-owned cannabis company in Nevada.

Thrive Cannabis Marketplace holds 3 positive philosophical values:

  • Education
  • Choice
  • Vitality

They’re firm believers that cannabis should come out of the closet, off the stress, and into the mainstream, where we can use it responsibly for wellness and health. In the meantime, Thrive is also adamant about sharing quality cannabis education to help create better-informed cannabis users.

At any Thrive Cannabis Marketplace dispensary, the team strives to provide safe and affordable access to medical-grade cannabis. Additionally, they aim to maintain environmentally friendly practices while ensuring their business operations construct fun, fulfilling, and diverse communities.

See below for more information about a few best-selling products from Thrive Cannabis Marketplace. Products vary by location, so check out their website for the full list of products at your nearest dispensary.

Coco Chanel By Redwood Trees

Who wouldn’t want to puff on some dank Coco Chanel? The Coco Chanel Strain By Redwood Trees is an incredibly popular option at Thrive, and for a few good reasons.

For starters, it’s a proportional hybrid strain producing balanced effects of energy, happiness, mental relaxation, and physical bliss. Redwood Trees is deeply proud of this high-quality and cured cannabis flower, bringing you effects and flavors like no other.

This strain features 22.86% THC, making it pretty strong for casual users and profoundly relaxing for connoisseurs. Get yours today and experience this luxurious cannabis strain in all its glory.

Airo Strawberry Cheesecake AiroPod 1G

Are you a proud puffer? If you’re looking to elevate your vaping game, check out Airo’s Strawberry Cheesecake AiroPod 1G from Thrive Cannabis Marketplace.

With a berry, sweet, and cheesy aroma alongside a rich flavor profile of berries and earthiness, you’ll be coming back for more (if your tolerance can handle it). Seriously, this is an incredibly potent vape cart featuring a whopping 87.5% THC.

It contains pure Indica distillate oil with a full terpene profile for maximum flavor and effects. After a few hits, expect to feel sleepy, happy, and deeply relaxed.

Strawberry Peach Bites From Select

What’s better than strawberries and peaches? These Strawberry Peach Bites from Select, available at Thrive Cannabis Marketplace.

This particular option features hybrid genetics to produce a calm, happy, relaxed, and energetic high. Each package comes loaded with 108.26mg THC, with each piece containing 10mg THC.

The Strawberry Peach flavor is mouthwateringly delicious, and the onset of effects is gradual, with a noticeable peak around 1-2 hours. Whether you’re heading home from work or taking the nightlife by storm, these gummies make an excellent companion.

For more products and information about Thrive Cannabis Marketplace, visit their website at thrivenevada.com.

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