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Learn | 02.13.2023

How To Care For Your PAX Mini

Cleaning, care, and maintenance tips for PAX's smallest device, the PAX Mini.

Congratulations, you’re the new proud owner of a PAX Mini. This vaporizer is one of the newest drops from PAX and perhaps best suited for solo users compared to the brand’s other devices.

This state-of-the-art portable vaporizer has the essential features of the renowned PAX Plus but comes in a shorter size with a slightly smaller oven. The result is flavorful, portable, and quality vapor that brings out the best in your herb without wasting a single flake.

However, if you truly want to experience the best of this device, keeping it clean is essential. See below for care, cleaning, and maintenance tips for your new PAX Mini.

Maintenance And Care

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The PAX Mini is one of the most low-maintenance devices on the market. It doesn’t require a lot of heavy-duty cleaning or disassembling. To ensure your PAX Mini stands the test of time, we’ve included some easy maintenance tips below.

Dump Your Herbs: The best way to have quality hits every time is to clean out the herbs within your PAX Mini after every session. The remnants of old and stale weed can build up excess debris over time, which limits the airflow within the PAX Mini.

Get A Case: All PAX devices present a sleek matte finish. It would be a shame to scratch such a pretty little thing. While the PAX Mini doesn’t have its own carrying case, PAX does offer a Smell Proof Stash Bag that not only conceals all odors but ensures your device remains spick and span.

Clean All Moving Parts: Below, we’ve included a quick step-by-step guide on how to clean your PAX Mini, which is quite effortless compared to other popular vaporizers. Simply isolate the moving parts like the flat and raised mouthpieces, oven lid, and oven screens, and see how to clean them below.

A Step-By-Step Guide To Cleaning Your PAX Mini

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The PAX Mini comes with a wire brush for easy cleaning. For a deeper clean, gather some cotton swabs, alcohol wipes, and isopropyl alcohol with paper towel.

The newly designed 3D oven screen in the PAX Mini pops out for easy and deep cleaning. Take off the oven lid, pop out the 3D oven screen, and access the oven chamber. The removable pieces of the PAX Mini are what you want to focus on for cleaning, which includes the flat and raised mouthpieces.

Once these pieces are isolated, take a cotton swab dipped in alcohol, an alcohol wipe, or a paper towel with alcohol and scrub into the nooks and crannies. You don’t have to press too hard, just enough to eliminate stains, debris, and gunk.

Finally, wipe away any debris within the oven chamber and use an alcohol swap, wipe, or paper towel to get rid of any stains. Once your pieces are dry, reassemble the device and start seshing.

Clean your PAX Mini every few sessions or whenever you feel the airflow is being blocked. As one of the best portable dry herb vaporizers on the market, it’s only appropriate to treat it as such.

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