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How To Use Cannabis Responsibly

What does using cannabis responsibly truly mean?

“Please use responsibly.” You’ll almost always find these three words at the end of a cannabis product’s description. But what do they really mean?

Of course, the brand does this to ensure they’re not liable for any potential issues you experience after consuming the product. However, it’s much deeper than that.

Being a responsible cannabis consumer is incredibly important in the modern day. Our community fought for legalization, ignoring the lazy stoner stigmas, so you can consume cannabis freely.

In honor of these movers and shakers, it’s only fair that we represent our community in the best way possible…by being responsible cannabis users who defy the stigmas tied to us for decades.

Still unsure what that means? We’ve tied in 4 ways on how to use cannabis responsibly.

Starting Low & Slow

Perhaps the most important part of being a responsible cannabis user is knowing your perfect dose. That way, you won’t encounter any unwanted experiences, and you’ll feel your desired effects every time.

The best way to do that is to start low and slow. Work your way up to a dose that feels right for you. If a 10mg edible gets you too stoned, take 1/4, then take 1/2, and eventually, you’ll have the tolerance to handle a full gummy.

Let’s face it, THC-induced anxiety and paranoia are never fun. By consuming responsibly, you can avoid these experiences and cruise at your perfect altitude every time.

Spacing Out Your Sessions

Besides knowing your tolerance, being a responsible cannabis user means knowing when and when not to smoke. Moreso, it means knowing how much and how little to smoke during certain situations. It’s all about awareness.

If you have dinner with your in-laws, consider waiting to spark up until after dinner. Have a meeting with your boss? Your joint can wait until after the meeting. The key is to know when it’s appropriate to sesh and when it isn’t. There’s a time and place for everything.

Prioritizing Tasks

There’s nothing I hate more than the lazy stoner stereotype. This person loves smoking their day away, scrolling on social media, and sitting in front of the television for hours.

In order to be a responsible cannabis user, you must prioritize your tasks and get shit done, whether you’re high or not. I personally love doing my chores when stoned; it adds a little zest and fun to the situation.

The takeaway is to avoid letting cannabis change the course of your day. If you plan on tidying up around the house, either let cannabis enhance the moment or save it for a reward when complete. Just don’t let weed keep you from finishing what you have to do.

Switching Up Your Routine

Smoking weed isn’t the only way to use cannabis. For some, using cannabis responsibly could mean prioritizing their health and steering away from smoking.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can use weed without harming the throat and lungs. These include edibles, tinctures, distillate syringes, and, if you desire something similar to smoke, vaping.

By switching up your consumption routine, you’ll open your eyes to new experiences. Who knows, you might find your new favorite way to use cannabis. Stay curious and experiment with new methods. It always pays off.

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