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Learn | 01.25.2022

Is It Okay To Smoke CBD On A Tolerance Break?

It's not cheating; it's a smart strategy. Created with Botany Farms.

Tolerance breaks or T-breaks are great for a variety of reasons, but they can be tough to start. We hope this guide will give you a little more leeway with what you can do on your tolerance break, how to curb your cannabis cravings, and mitigating withdrawal symptoms like irritability and anxiety.

For most, the whole point of a T-break is to give your tolerance a reboot. Many seasoned cannabis users often come to terms with the fact that smoking every day results in a mega tolerance, making it difficult to achieve a certain high after consistent use.

This could mean spending money on more weed, finding stronger strains, or looking for different smoking methods to change things up.

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Botany Farms

We suggest you do none of those and experience the refreshing and restorative effects of a quality tolerance break.

This way, you can reset the receptors in your endocannabinoid system to help you reach the high you’re looking for without upping your THC intake.

During a one or two-week break, you might face obstacles like poor sleep, irritability, and increased anxiety. This next tip might feel like cheating, but it’s a solely smart strategy. 

We suggest you look to Botany Farms, the finest purveyor of CBD in the country, and get your hands on some of the company’s quality cannabidiol flower or extract.

Botany Farms says feeling good should be a given, and it sees a future of balance through its botanicals. 

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By far, the best way to beat those withdrawal symptoms is using CBD, which won’t get you high or mess with your tolerance.

In fact, according to a 2019 study published in The Permanente Journal, researchers note that incorporating CBD into your tolerance break could reduce your symptoms and keep you from craving THC.

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When we say CBD won’t mess with your tolerance, this is because THC is responsible for that psychoactive high you adore, meaning CBD has nothing to do with your tolerance to THC.

Using CBD on your T-break is not only ideal for mitigating withdrawal symptoms but rebooting your THC tolerance to help you get stoned with less THC and weed in general.

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