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Learn | 06.03.2022

Isiah Thomas’s ‘One World’ Is Replacing The Plastics In Cars With Hemp

The NBA star's company strives to reduce the global carbon footprint.

Former NBA star Isiah Thomas dribbled into the champagne industry a few years back. 

Now, he’s swishing through the hemp industry in hopes of removing plastics from cars and constructing them with industrial hemp

Thomas has long been a fan of the cannabis plant. More specifically, its medicinal uses and beneficial cannabinoids. He firmly believes that the plant can do wonders for physical and mental issues. 

However, he’s disappointed with society’s lack of acceptance of cannabinoids even though they have historical and ancient medicinal uses. 

Although he’s a keen cannabis advocate, Thomas’s latest venture is on a much larger scale. 

His goals are to;

  • Help companies remove plastics from automobiles
  • Reduce the automotive industry’s carbon footprint
  • Infuse automobiles with hemp instead of plastics

About One World

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Photo courtesy of Isaiah Thomas

One World works to produce hemp and hemp-based products alongside Colombian farmers that will be transported to the automotive industry. These materials will be used to create different internal and external car parts. 

One World is already working with automakers like;

  • Chrysler
  • Citroen
  • Dodge
  • Fiat
  • Jeep
  • Peugeot

Reducing The Global Carbon Footprint

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Jahoo Clouseau

At an event in Miami, Thomas spoke about different matters and his mission to make a worldwide change. 

He hopes that the automotive industry will begin implementing more sustainable manufacturing with hemp products. 

Thomas says that One World is “working closely with the automotive industry to reduce their carbon footprint by replacing some of their plastics with hemp.” He added that One World is also working in construction. 

Thomas hopes that One World will be the biggest supplier of hemp worldwide. The company uses hemp and raw cannabis materials grown in Colombia “because of the equatorial advantages it gives us.”

One World makes efforts to work alongside indigenous farmers in the natural soil and sun. 

“Not only can you use hemp to build the car, but also for fuel, food, and plastics,” he said. 

One World will be the official one-stop-shop for worldwide hemp needs. 

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