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4 Reasons Why Joints Are The Best Way To Smoke Weed

Traditional, social, and convenient. Here's an homage to our precious joints.

Although we live in a world surrounded by dab rigs, 3-foot-tall bongs, and high-tech vaporizers, joints never die. It’s the original way to smoke weed.

Something about holding a joint between two fingers, inhaling, and smoothly exhaling feels ultra-satisfying. Even the onset of a coughing fit is something stoners appreciate, as it indicates that you’re puffing on some seriously good kush.

From offering an effortless way to catch a buzz on the fly to their ability to spark conversations, here are 4 reasons why joints are the best way to smoke weed.

You Get The Complete Cannabis Experience

As mentioned, it doesn’t get much more traditional than smoking joints. You get to experience your favorite strains in their true, intended flavors, aromas, and effects.

Plus, joints are rolled using all-natural papers. Unlike cigar wraps, which accommodate an unpleasant amount of tobacco and nicotine, joint papers typically don’t introduce added flavors or toxic materials.

While a hint of peach or pineapple combined with the earthy flavors of cannabis does present a unique taste, many cannabis enthusiasts prefer to relish the full flavors of their favorite herb rather than diminishing it with a cigar leaf.

Although joints don’t provide a smoke-free way to ingest marijuana, they are unquestionably better for you than blunts. As you know, tobacco use can and will impair lung function. That’s a fact that’s been proven time and time again. Joints, on the other hand, don’t have nearly the same effect.

According to Medical Daily, a study conducted by Emory University in 2015 found that “adults aged 18 to 59 who smoked one joint a day were still able to forcibly exhale the same volume of air in one second (known as forced expiratory volume, or FEV1) as someone who didn’t smoke marijuana.” You know what they say, everything in moderation.

They're Semi-Discreet & Portable

Whipping out a decorative bong or a colorful pipe is sure to grab someone’s attention. Joints, however, are plain and simple. They can easily be mistaken for a cigarette from a distance. Of course, the aroma is a dead giveaway, but joints are far more discreet than rigs, pipes, and bongs.

Not to mention, it’s a lot easier to carry around than a rig or something similar. Nowadays, there are sleek and pocketable joint cases designed to keep your Js secure, fresh, and safe whenever you need them. It sure beats carrying around a backpack with a glass bong.

Joints Are Customizable Works Of Art

Few people can construct an AK-47 from weed and joint papers like Tony Greenhand. But when it comes to rolling a simple joint, that requires very little expertise.

In fact, most people can nail it the first time by watching a how-to video or referring to a step-by-step guide. And the better they get at it, the further they can branch out, taking what they’ve learned and using it to roll something a bit more challenging, like a dollar sign joint. Or, perhaps, the infamous cross joint from Pineapple Express.

You can also use your creativity to come up with your own ideas. That’s yet another reason why joints are the best way to smoke weed. They are mini, and sometimes even significant, pieces of smokable art.

Joints Are Social

The final reason why joints are the best way to smoke weed is that they are perfect for socializing. Everyone has come across that one guy or gal at a social gathering that decides to pull out a joint.

Chances are, they’ll be surrounded by a crowd looking to take a puff. Stoners basically invented the “sharing is caring” saying, thanks to joint rotations. During those stoney sessions, conversations flow naturally. There’s an underlying sense of community within these social joint rotations, and that’s something we wouldn’t trade for the world.


Remember, it’s not the person with the mixed drink that draws in the crowd; it’s the one with the weed.

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