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Learn | 12.16.2020

Meet PLUS Strains: Experience Flower Classics In A Delicious Gummy

The flavors and effects of your favorite strains are now available in delicious gummies thanks to PLUS Strains, the first-ever strain-specific edibles on the market. Here's everything you have to know about them. Created with PLUS.

Finding the right cannabis-infused edible can be challenging… no… scratch that… finding the right cannabis product can be challenging. Part of this is due to the fact that cannabis legalization is only recently picking up speed around the world, a reality that has delayed the development of the knowledge we have on the plant and its derivatives. We are only now truly learning of the incredible potential that cannabis has and how it may interact with our bodies.

Part of it is also motivated by the verifiable truth that there are just way too many cannabis products on the market today. Not only that, but the number of brands and product innovations is still growing by the day. This is by no means a negative thing. It’s the complete opposite. It’s incredibly positive that we have so many options to choose from. But it sure makes for a confusing purchase decision.

For this very reason, many people choose to go with something that sounds familiar. Something we already know how to use, and if it’s an edible we’re talking about, then perhaps something we are guaranteed to enjoy. 

That’s where cannabis-infused gummies come in.

A Cannabis Company You Should Know

Unlike the cannabis industry at the moment, PLUS Products has vouched to keep things simple. Like other brands in the market, PLUS has identified as an irrefutable reality that cannabis promises great potential as a way to provide balance to our lives and enhance the way we experience the things we already love doing.

As a brand, PLUS intends to help their customers achieve this state of balance through a variety of uniquely crafted cannabis-infused edibles (focusing primarily on gummies) with perfectly balanced doses that target specific goals. 

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Photo courtesy of PLUS

PLUS is first and foremost a holistically structured cannabis company, but is also knowledgeable enough to know that not every cannabis consumer is looking for the same type of products. 

PLUS offers THC-infused products across California, that include a variety of gummies and mints with THC doses to suit every tolerance spectrum. It is safe to say every THC-infused product follows the same quality and safety standards across their roster of products, testing 8x per batch to ensure consistency for consumers. 

As briefly mentioned before, PLUS edibles are not crafted with cannabis extracts just for the sake of it. Each gummy and mint is dosed accurately and with an intention of attaining a specific benefit. Probably the most standout-worthy being; Balance, Uplift, Unwind, Relief, and Sleep

However, PLUS is not solely sticking to goal-oriented edibles. They have stepped a bit further into the weeds and launched an entirely new product line of strain-specific gummies, PLUS Strains, for flower-loving fans.

Meet The Strains

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Photo courtesy of PLUS

The PLUS Strains product line is meant to capture the essence of some OG strains that we know and love. Launching with three legendary strains that every cannabis enthusiast has heard of (and has probably tried) at some point in time; Lemon Jack, Pineapple Express, and Granddaddy Purple.

Each and every gummy is crafted with all-natural ingredients that contain full-spectrum oil, flavored with real fruit, and 5 mg of THC per gummy. Not to mention strain-specific terpenes that provide a holistic strain experience in a single edible.

As part of their continued mission to provide transparency and efficacy to the cannabis industry, PLUS tests for terpene content and provides the data on their COAs; easily accessible for consumers, giving them more options for customizing their edible experience than ever before. Scan the QR code on the back of any PLUS Strains tin to see them for yourself.

Lemon Jack

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Lemon Jack is a cannabis strain bred from two equally legendary parent strains; Jack Herer (a Herb favorite) and Lemon Kush. Both strains are known for providing an uplifting effect in their flower form. An experience that goes untethered in this amazingly formulated gummy.

A Sativa-dominant gummy that just works great when it comes to creative tasks and keeping a clear focus on the end goal. Euphoria is another common feeling when consuming Lemon Jack. The terpenes of Lemon Jack (such as B-Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Terpinolene) are equally present in the gummies as they are in the flower itself, providing a sweet and sour taste that excites the taste buds. Each Lemon Jack tin comes with a total of 20 gummies and 100 mg of THC.

Pineapple Express

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Pineapple Express is a strain known to cannabis enthusiasts and non-consumers alike. Fame greatly accredited to the world-famous Seth Rogen film that bears the same name. But unlike what is pictured in the film, Pineapple Express is not an unbearably potent strain.

Like the effects that Pineapple Express has on the body when smoking its flower, the PLUS Pineapple Express Gummies kick in with feelings of uplifted, yet chill relaxation with a zesty and sometimes sweet undertone of tropical fruit terpenes. A flavorful twist made possible by the dominant terpenes found in this particularly legendary strain such as B-Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Myrcene.

These hybrid gummies come with a 5 mg dose of THC per unit. However, each tin contains 20 gummies each and 100 mg of THC. Not only that, but PLUS goes the extra mile to make these gummies with real fruit flavor, for a more pleasant and refreshing experience.

Granddaddy Purple

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Like Pineapple Express, the GDP strain was also taken to the next level of fame by an equally famous character. Snoop Dogg constantly talks about GDP and this is not without merit.

GDP is known for a bold berry and sweet grape flavor that seems to entice even the pickiest of palates. This earthy rich combination of ripe grape notes is brought on by strainspecific terpenes that include Myrcene, B-Caryophyllene, and Pinene. PLUS managed to capture the true essence of this strain through a combination of terpenes and real fruit flavoring. GDP PLUS Strains Gummies are an Indica-dominant product that provides an intense feeling of calming relaxation.

GDP is also notorious for acting as a sedative and in flower form, so it is recommended to take it in low doses if the consumer doesn’t have a high tolerance. Making it comfortable to control the effects of GDP, each PLUS Strains gummy is precisely dosed with 5 mg of THC, resulting in an incredibly convenient way to ‘take it easy’.

Sugar Plum (Limited Edition)

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Probably not as famous as its counterparts on the list above, but equally impressive in nature. Sugar Plum is a strain bred from Hawaiian Haze Plum and Berkley Blues, two especially fruit-sweet strains with undertones of zesty goodness.

Made with real fruit flavoring and carefully selected, strain-specific terpene profiles like Linalool, B-Caryophyllene, and Limonene, this limited edition PLUS Strains product delivers an additional pop of toasted cinnamon and blood orange citrus that gives the gummy a festive feel. 

Each Sugar Plum tin comes with 20 gummies and a total 100 mg of THC that make for an enticingly cheerful effect and in some cases may act as a mood booster. Effects that don’t stray far from the path expected with a Sativa-dominant gummy.

Holistically Structured

Extending outside of just California, PLUS Products also offers a THC-free line of hemp CBD-infused gummy products that are available for purchase across the United States with delivery straight to your doorstep.  Each gummy is formulated with a low-calorie and high-end Hemp CBD extract recipe that meets the highest safety and quality standards. 

PLUS is more than just THC or CBD. They are a cannabis company first and foremost. A cannabis company that wants to enhance your cannabis experience through state of the art manufacturing processes and high-end product innovation. And their THC-infused gummies are significant evidence of exactly this.

Through 12/31/20, get 20% off your full PLUS Products order with code HERB20 at checkout.

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