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Meet San Jose’s Best Dispensary And Delivery Service, Caliva

Caliva brings you the best in cannabis straight to your door.

California’s cannabis space is booming. With dispensaries around every block carrying a vast array of unique products, choosing which shops to support can be challenging.

Not all dispensaries are created equal. You want a shop that not only cultivates and carries the best products on the market but comprises a team of genuinely happy people who love what they do.

We’re talking about dispensaries and brands like Caliva, who put positive energy, happiness, and passion into everything they do to ensure you can access the greatest products for your specific situation. The brand is just as passionate about crafting premium products as they are eager to provide sustainable plant-based solutions to improve your daily wellness.

See below for more information about Caliva, their dispensary and delivery services, and a few of their fan-favorite products you can snag today.

About Caliva

Photo by Caliva

Located in San Jose, CA, Caliva was voted Best of Silicon Valley. Not only are they an exceptional dispensary, but they provide their own line of trusted products that raise the bar for what quality cannabis truly means.

Caliva stands behind three core promises to consumers:

  • Consistency

  • Transparency

  • Accessibility

The brand firmly believes in finding wellness options that best suit your lifestyle. Whether that’s mood elevation, motivation, or creativity, Caliva has something for you.

They take pride in cultivating happy plants for happy people while striving to provide reliable, dependable, and consistent cannabis experiences with each purchase.

Products For All Needs

Caliva carries a wide assortment of products and brands, from Mirayo and Monogram to Fun Uncle and Caliva’s own branded products. Below, we’ve highlighted a few best-sellers from Caliva, which you can snag in-store or order online for delivery or pick-up.

Caliva - Curated Select GMO

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If you’re looking for a high-quality flower that’s rich in terpenes and THC, look no further than Caliva’s Curated Select GMO. This Indica strain was meticulously crafted with care, resulting in profound relaxation, euphoria, and bodily bliss. The savory notes of earth, sour, and skunk paired with 38% THC make this strain a must-try.

Caliva - Chemistree

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For a cerebral Sativa experience, opt for Caliva’s Chemistree strain, crafted by the award-winning Caliva Cultivation team. It’s a heritage strain that crosses Motorbreath #15 x Headbanger, emitting notes of fuel and pine. Reaching up to 25% THC, this powerful and heady strain first washes the body with relaxation before massaging the forehead with a cerebral buzz.

Fun Uncle - Cruisers - Strawberry Cough

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As mentioned, Caliva carries a wide assortment of leading brands, and Fun Uncle is no exception. This particular Strawberry Cough Cruiser Cartridge features one full gram of quality distillate with 78% THC. It’s a buzzy Sativa with a refreshing strawberry flavor that pleases the palate, mind, and body.

Deli - Dimes - Fresh Watermelon Gummy Rounds

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Edible lovers will adore the sugar-dusted Fresh Watermelon Gummy Rounds from Deli. Each Dime contains 10mg THC using 100% full-spectrum Sativa oil for a lifted and energizing experience. Each pack comes with 10 Dimes, making for a grand total of 100mg THC. Although flavorful, don’t use them all at once.

For more products and information about Caliva, visit their Instagram page @gocaliva and their website at

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