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PLUS Sleep Gummies Review: Everything You Need To Know

Sleeping with cannabis will never be the same.

When in the market for cannabis edibles, more specifically gummies, there are many different options available for your tastes, preferences, and needs.

There are treats designed for you to get high and others made available with the intent of helping your body with some of its natural processes. 

PLUS is on the scope because of its fantastic cannabis products, and you will want to check out their Sleep gummy line if you have troubles with a good night of slumber.

We put this review together to grasp what these gummies can do for you.

About PLUS And PLUS Sleep

Photo courtesy of PLUS

PLUS is a producer and distributor of some of the best cannabis gummies you can get your hands on.

This brand has a wide selection of curated products for every single purpose weed serves, from uplifting and energizing to relaxing and sleeping.

Perhaps most interesting about the PLUS line of products is how well curated and labeled they are.

This is very important because you know what use your edibles serve and whether or not you can use them for whatever purpose you may have in mind.

What Is Dual Action Technology

PLUS Sleep gummies are the first Dual Action Sleep edibles that target two of the most common sleep issues: falling asleep quickly and staying asleep longer.

This means that these edibles have a quick onset and will last for quite a long time, allowing you to fall asleep within minutes and have a whole night’s worth of sleep.

The fast-acting PLUS gummies have a rapid onset time that will put you to sleep in as little as 15 minutes. This is due to the emulsified THC that will be absorbed and processed quicker by your body, having you sound asleep within minutes. 

The long-lasting effects come in hand for a whole night of sleep, and this is possible because of the proprietary blend of CBD, CBN, and ten different terpenes that assist in sleep and relaxation.

This clever composition of substances allows you to have a comfortable night’s sleep.


Photo courtesy of PLUS

Not all cannabis edibles, especially gummies, are made equal. Some may not taste or feel as good as others, and PLUS Sleep gummies have had the care of this world put into them for you to enjoy the experience of tasting and feeling their powers thoroughly. 

The edibles that PLUS manufactures are made with full-spectrum cannabis oil, which gives them a better taste, more power, and are healthier for the user.

The therapeutic value of these gummies is also higher than those that use distillates to produce their gummies because of the entourage effect and the source of all the components that come from the full plant. 


The PLUS Sleep gummies come in two different flavor and composition options to adjust to whatever you feel you need or want most. These gummies come in square presentations that are sugarcoated for added taste and texture. 

The innovative nanoemulsion technology allows for quick onset in as little as 8 minutes, while their clever composition of THC, CBN, CBD, and ten sleep terpenes ensures a whole night’s sleep that will leave you feeling rejuvenated the following day!

The PLUS Sleep Cloudberry gummies have a higher dosage of THC (5mg) for a more potent psychoactive effect. Meanwhile, the Lychee gummies are a lower-dose choice, featuring 1 mg of THC and a greater concentration of CBD, reducing the risk of a “cannabis hangover” the following day.

Each pack of gummies has 20 servings that have an incredible balance of taste, aroma, and potency. The best option is the Lychee flavor for those who prefer to stray away from THC, while their Cloudberry has a stronger hit and a more psychoactive approach. 

How Do These Gummies Work?

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The effects of cannabis are influenced by how it is ingested—inhaling cannabis, whether by smoking or vaporization, is associated with a quicker onset but shorter impact duration.

Oral administration, like eating edibles, has a longer duration of action but a delayed start. This implies that although smoking or vaping gives you a rush, the effects fade rapidly, whereas edibles give you a slower rush but last longer.

The bioavailability of edibles, which is the number of cannabinoids available for your body to use, is lower because of the way these are metabolized.

Keep this in mind if you’re accustomed to smoking or vaping, as these two are stronger ways of consuming. 

Our recommendation when using cannabis edibles is to start off slow and steadily make your way up the dosage ladder. If you already are an experienced user, you may begin with a higher dose, but it is wise to consume about 2.5 to 5 mg and work your way up for starters. 

Also, remember that our bodies start to build up a tolerance, so it is recommended to take breaks or alternate to “detox’’.

Every person has a unique metabolism that will determine how your body processes these gummies. As such, keep in mind that the onset times may vary, and you may experience a shorter or longer than usual time.


Photo courtesy of PLUS

PLUS gummies are manufactured with all-natural tastes and colors and include just 1 gram of sugar and 5 calories per gummy.

This makes these sleep gummies a healthier and more balanced nocturnal alternative for you to find assistance with your sleep schedule. 

PLUS wants to provide their users with natural and healthy options for their everyday issues, and the Sleep gummies target a very common necessity in medicinal marihuana users.

These gummies have all-natural ingredients and feature a great blend of cannabinoids that you will indeed tolerate and come to love.

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