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Pre-Rolled Cross Joints? Get Them At Highmind In California

California's first pre-rolled cross joints have arrived, and they're potently beautiful (and beautifully potent).

“You light all three ends at the same, and the smoke converges, creating a *trifecta* of joint-smoking power.”

These wise, somewhat hazy words from James Franco’s character in Pineapple Express describe the beautiful and infamous cross joint. We could only smoke one of these mind-blowing creations if we knew someone skilled enough to roll it. That is, until recently.

What if you could pick up a powerhouse cross joint at your local dispensary? California consumers, you’re in luck. Highmind has arrived, and they’re supplying connoisseurs with potent and hefty cross joints to elevate your sessions to the max. Keep reading for more details about these epic rolls.

Meet The Cross Joint From Highmind

This is California’s first cannabis-filled pre-rolled cross joint. It’s loaded with 100% indoor flower across various premium strains, from Limoncello to Curelato.

Each package comes with one pre-roll containing 1.3 grams of top-shelf cannabis flower. Plus, the packaging comes with instructions to help you light and smoke the Cross Joint, not to mention a free pair of Highnstein Red Shades that reveal hidden images on the packaging.

These Cross Joints bring you elevated sessions in the easiest way possible. Rolling a cross joint was something many of us could only imagine in our wildest canna dreams. Thanks to Highmind’s skilled rollers and collaborations with Ember Valley and The Cure Company, Highmind is providing users with a refreshing and stylish way to smoke premium cannabis.

Each Cross Joint from Highmind comes ready to puff right out of the package. Just be sure to read the instructions to ensure you’re making the most of these beautiful rolls. Get some for yourself, or consider them a gift for your favorite stoner. Either way, expect unmatched sessions courtesy of stoner innovation.

Highmind understands the demand for these Cross Joints in other recreational states. While there’s no news yet, we can only hope the brand will extend its offerings to more consumers nationwide. (Psst, stay on the lookout for possible infused versions of these Cross Joints to truly elevate your sessions to the max).

Highmind’s Cross Joints are available in a long list of dispensaries across the following cities:

For more information about Highmind, visit their website at highmindca.com and stay up to date with the brand’s Instagram @highmind.ca.

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