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Photo courtesy of CLSICS

Learn | 06.16.2021

Regular Pre Rolls vs Rosin Infused Pre Rolls

Thanks to CLSICS, the pre rolls we all love are now perfectly enhanced with flavorful and potent rosin. This is how they have perfected theirs. Created with CLSICS.

Have you ever cut open a rosin-infused pre roll and had a hard time finding the coveted rosin? After ruffling through the sticky contents of your pre roll you finally arrive at the conclusion that the company has ripped you off and there never was any rosin in the pre-roll.

But this is not necessarily what’s happening here. 

There are reliable brands like CLSICS that actually want their customers to have the best rosin experience possible, and that could mean not being able to spot the rosin inside your pre roll easily.

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What's The Difference?

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Infused rosin is a very advanced process the homogenizes the rosin into the ground flower completely, making it so it’s fully mixed and difficult to visualize at first sight. That’s why if you happen to open an infused rosin pre roll, you won’t actually see rosin in it. You might notice that the weed looks a tad different, but it’s very difficult to identify regular ground flower from rosin-infused weed.

Regular pre rolls, on the other hand, are just your run-of-the-mill joints made with freshly ground weed. A nice product as well, after all, this is how we started smoking weed in the first place.

The only fool-proof way to actually notice a difference between both types of pre rolls is by smoking them. Something I’m sure you’re starting to feel like doing at the moment.

Gen 1 Rosin Pre Roll vs. Gen 2 Rosin Pre Roll

In a rosin-infused pre roll, the compounds from the flower and the rosin work together to deliver a balanced and more potent cannabis experience. This result is known as the “entourage effect”. 

An effect that produces a full-spectrum high unmatched by smoking traditional ground flower pre rolls and commonly found in products that incorporate different cannabinoids and other cannabis-derived components.

But let’s actually go through the specific differences between both items:

Gen 1 Or ‘Tarantula’ Pre Roll

A Tarantula is a joint that after being wrapped and sealed is then sprinkled with kief on a portion of the outside of the wrapping paper. 

This process is done by rotating the sealed joint in sticky rosin oil. After the excess rosin ceases to drip, the joint is then rolled on a mixture of kief and flower. This mixture naturally sticks to the outside of the joint, leaving you with a sick-looking smoke that feels like it was taken right from the smoker’s heaven inventory.

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Photo courtesy of CLSICS

A furry, yet stylish-looking joint.

Although it doesn’t seem like a joint description could sound better than this does, CLSICS eventually stopped making them. 

But they had a few reasons for it:

  1. Because it’s on the outside of the joint, they found that some of the rosin would burn out quickly and a portion of the smoke was being lost.
  2. It was harder to make the joint burn evenly, which would become frustrating and wasteful to consumers.
  3. CLSICS also ran into transportation issues as the joint would stick to the side of the jar and some of the rosin would be lost this way as well.
  4. When exposed to warm temperature the outside of the joint would become runny, making it even more difficult to maintain and transport.
  5. The consumer was missing out on all the benefits of an accurately dosed rosin-infused joint.

Gen 2 Pre Roll

The manufacturing process for the Gen 2 is extremely different from the Gen 1. The process involves infusing rosin within the flower before actually rolling the joint in wrapping paper. This way the rosin is only contained inside the joint and is distributed much more evenly throughout the entire pre roll experience.

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Photo courtesy of CLSICS

Although you don’t end up with a funky-looking joint, you do get more bang for your buck and a more potent experience. Which is ultimately what you want to happen.

So, why is the Gen 2 better than any Tarantula Pre Roll?

  1. Every puff on the joint brings a dose of rosin
  2. You’ll never get a runny pre roll that doesn’t burn evenly
  3. ALL the rosin is consumed
  4. The infusion process provides a more consistent terpene profile
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Ultimately CLSICS made the change to their joint infusing process because they stand behind the euphoric experience that cannabis provides to enthusiasts. They strongly believe that rosin is the apex of cannabis extraction, an idea that we definitely agree with, especially if you’re an extract enthusiast like we are.

The infusion process is designed to capture the true essence of the flower selected by CLSICS. The aromatic and flavorful joint that results from this provides an unrivaled smoking experience.

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