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Seed-To-Sale: C3 Industries Is Raising The Bar For Multi-State Operators

Here's a vertically-integrated company with a consumer-first approach.

Do you know where your weed comes from? We’re not talking about its genetic lineage. Are you aware of where your weed was grown and the practices used to cultivate it?

Knowing everything about your flower is one of the most beneficial things a consumer can do. It helps raise your awareness of companies and cultivation facilities that put quality at the forefront. Besides, knowing where your flower was grown and where your favorite products are made will make you a more informed consumer.

Companies like C3 Industries are proud to share 3 different brands that not only prioritize quality but customer service. This vertically-integrated multi-state operator has 3 unique brands you’ve likely heard of (or shopped) before.

Interested in knowing where your Cloud Cover cannabis was grown? Keep reading to learn more about C3 Industries and their trusted brands.

About C3 Industries

C3 Industries is the brainchild of brothers Ankur and Vishal Rungta, along with their friend Joel Ruggiero. They’re a group of cannabis industry veterans that set out to create a premier, vertically-integrated company that delivers high-quality products with a strong brand presence. Needless to say, it’s working.

C3 Industries is a multi-state operator (MSO) that serves communities in the following states:

  • Michigan
  • Missouri
  • Massachusetts
  • Oregon

Today, C3 Industries handles cultivation, manufacturing, and retail across 3 different brands, which we’ll discuss below. Their business strategy puts customer service and value at the forefront, a refreshing change of pace. They’re on a mission to offer the highest quality cannabis and help you access it easier than ever before. C3 Industries is raising the bar for the entire industry.

Brands From C3 Industries

High Profile: Looking to experience the praised flower C3 Industries has to offer? Stop by their dispensary, High Profile. Located in Massachusetts, Michigan, and Missouri, this dispensary chain offers premium cannabis flower and related products for recreational users and medical patients. Their goal is to be the “quintessential cannabis destination for each community we serve,” notes C3’s site. This MSO takes pride in seeking and stocking High Profile’s shelves with the industry’s best brands and products for any consumer, beginner or seasoned. Stop by today and see what’s in store for you.

Cloud Cover: If you’ve shopped at a High Profile dispensary, you’ve likely heard of Cloud Cover. This premium cannabis brand takes immense pride in its perfectly-cultivated flower to ensure your experiences are consistent and elevated. Their portfolio includes potent proprietary genetics and strains obtained from reputable seed companies and industry peers. With Cloud Cover, you can expect nothing less than the best. For more information about the brand, visit their website at cloudcovercannabis.com.

Galactic: Missouri medical patients may be familiar with Galactic, a brand that focused on concentrates and vapes and later expanded with pre-rolls. Galactic takes pride in offering consumers an intergalactic lineup of stellar products designed to elevate their well-being. The brand’s mantra, “Smoke Me With Your Leader,” is an homage to sci-fi and the brand’s belief that sharing cannabis with those who need it is a respectable thing to do.

For more information about C3 Industries, visit their website at c3industries.com.

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