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Meet Herb’s Favorite Bong Of All Time

Don’t let its simplicity deceive you. There’s a ton of power packed into a brilliantly simple form.

Photo courtesy of Session Goods

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Let’s meet this sexy-ass hot commodity known as the Session Goods Bong. And yes, it’s definitely better than good. Why am I turned on by this bong you ask? Well, let’s take a look at what lies behind the sleek design of your next bong.

Session Goods’ simple, minimalist design is the perfect piece to add to the collection. Literally multi-purpose because you can stuff flowers in it so your mom thinks it’s a vase.

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Session Goods

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Session Goods

A bong that is easy to clean, has modern silicone parts, and hits like my sorority nickname, a champ. Gone are the days when enjoying weed was a ritual to be hidden and kept secret.

Session Goods believes that indulging yourself should be celebrated, not stigmatized. They stand by their brand as a cultural icon and believe in the right to smoke your ganja responsibly and fashionably.

The San Francisco-based company believes in changing the way people enjoy cannabis. By transforming a utilitarian tool into something beautiful and enjoyable, Session Goods creates a unique experience.

Cannabis enthusiasts who want to enjoy herbs in all their glory need the right equipment for the job. Session Goods is a company that delivers high-quality glass to cannabis consumers who want their herb to taste better, look cooler, and maybe even last longer.


Like many of the lovely bongs we review, Sessions Goods comes with everything you need to have a perfect session.

  • 10 in bong
  • 4 mm thick glass
  • 10 mm bowl joint
  • 1 x large bowl
  • 1 x small bowl
  • Protective silicone footer (interchangeable)
  • Extra grommet
  • 2 x 14 mm downstems
  • 6 mm borosilicate glass
  • Low waterline & easy pulling 

Think of it as a marriage between your average beaker and tube bongs making sweet love and the product of that love is the bong you’re thinking about buying. After you hit a tube it’s almost the opposite of stacking because the smoke instantly starts to travel up so a lot of the time you’re literally inhaling the hit as you’re lighting the bowl, but then it pulls really evenly when you take it.

A beaker, on the other hand, will store that smoke at the bottom and start to slowly stack it up so you get it all at once. The Session Goods Bong is somewhere in between. Even the bowl has a larger mouth for sessions that can literally go on for hours. Like it says in the Weed Commandments: Thou Shalt Always Corner Thy Bowl.

Little things like that are what make your weed last longer. The bowl also has a silicone grip to make it easy to avoid burning yourself, which you will probably end up doing anyway.  

The downstem is four slotted and a bit shorter than you are probably used to, but keep in mind, the longer the downstem the easier it is to break. The downstem goes exactly as far as it needs to in order to touch that water line just right.


The design allows for easy grip in the middle and even holds well from the bottom. Which is interchangeable with other colors – Paradise, Horizon, Moonlight, Indigo, Celery, and Blush. Mix and match, express yourself.

This discreet bong has a silicone footer that gently protects your tabletop or surface from scratches and sliding, while a molded indent provides an ergonomic grip that doesn’t get in the way of packing a perfect hit. The Session Goods Bong is made from 4 mm thick borosilicate glass for those of us less coordinated than others.

The silicone footer creates an air-tight seal to prevent water from leaking into your pipe, and it hides unsightly water. The footer also indicates the recommended water line for the perfect hit. And for us butterfingered beauties you’re in luck, included in the package are two different bowls and an extra downstem, so yay us!

The larger opening is perfect for plopping in some ice cubes for days hotter than a witch’s tit. It’s perfect for any size ice cube shy of a glacier. The minimal design allows for easy cleaning too. You don’t really have to sit there soaking and scrubbing for an hour. Just cover up the holes with Session Goods Cleaning Caps, add some Cleaning Gel or your preferred cleaner, give it a shake and watch that shitty res just melt away.


The simplicity of the design makes this the perfect bong for both newbies and experts alike. It makes a great gift for the friend that keeps their broken bong in a bucket.

Easy hits, easy design, easy choice. A smooth operator and it looks suave and sophisticated.

Get creative and use it as a dab rig, just make sure you have the lungs for it, that sucker punches back.

July 27, 2021
Written by Kiara Concepcion
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July 27, 2021
Written by Kiara Concepcion
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Weed, Delivered.

Get 20% off premium weed and discover the latest products, news, and deals in cannabis.

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