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Herb’s Guide To The Sober Curious Movement

Get on the right track with help from the movement helping people realize that intoxication isn't all that. Created with Keef.

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There’s a new movement making its way around as healthy lifestyles continue to gain popularity. The sober curious movement is helping people everywhere begin their journey into a healthier, cleaner, and ultimately more enjoyable lifestyle. 

Anything in excess isn’t necessarily good for the body, whether it’s alcohol, weed, or other consumable substances.

This is why we’ve decided to highlight and help normalize staying sober at the next party or simply questioning whether or not you’re up for being intoxicated.

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What Is Sober Curiosity

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When it comes to sobriety in general, many of us can choose whether we want to participate in booze drinking or not.

This isn’t necessarily true for those suffering from alcoholism or alcohol use disorder, who usually remain sober as the only way to beat the illness. 

On the other hand, sober curiosity is based on choosing, questioning, and changing drinking habits for personal reasons.

Whether you want to be healthier or don’t want to experience the dreaded hangover anymore, being sober curious is the perfect way to begin your journey.

History Of Sober Curiosity

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Staying sober at a party or event often brings the stigma that sober people are boring stick-in-the-muds.

It’s honestly quite terrible to label sober people with such harsh yet popular descriptions, especially since they’re on the right track to out-live those who abuse alcohol to the point of blackout and sickness. 

We’ve known alcohol to be a party starter for years. They call it liquid courage for a reason, as it brings people together at various events, from weddings and celebrations to sporting events and office parties.

The fact of the matter is that you don’t have to hit rock bottom to turn your life around and change your path for the future. 

The name “sober curious” was created by Warrington, who holds events like Club SÖDA NYC, which stands for Sober or Debating Abstinence.

The event offers panels, writing workshops, and sober retreats.

“My hope is that extending the invitation to get sober curious will help people realize that there are other ways to experience whatever it is they are seeking in alcohol—without the toxic, and often devastating, side effects,” Warrington says.

Sober Curiousity & Cannabis

Photo by InsideCreativeHouse / Adobe Stock Photo

While the sober curious movement revolves around alcohol and questioning whether you want to consume it or not, the same goes for cannabis.

Many aren’t fans of the fat and smokey inhale alongside the sweat-inducing coughs that come with your introduction to smoking weed

That said, if you’re looking to dip your toes into the cannabis realm, there are weed beverage brands like Keef that might suit your fancy without an overpowering high.

Photo courtesy of Keef

Or, if you’re a regular smoker looking to cut down on your habits for health reasons, cold turkey can be difficult.

We recommend you start with these THC drinks from Keef that’ll ease the transition and provide a nice buzz.

Classic Orange Kush Soda

Classic Soda Orange Kush


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One of the best fruit-flavored weed drinks on the market, Keef’s Orange Kush Soda offers a flavorful and crisp nod to orange. The no-sugar-added drinks provide 10 mg of THC that will lift your spirits and boost your mood. 

Energy FLO

This beverage is indeed a rarity, so much so that it’s Keef’s only product to come with caffeine. The ingredients are unique and deliver a tropical boost of THC that pairs with the caffeine to make this the ultimate energy booster.

Fruit Punch Mocktail

If you want something to hit the spot, then this tropical-flavored drink is for you. Its higher THC content (100 mg ber bottle) makes this the ideal drink for recreational users who can take the punch.

Great alone on the rocks or mixed with your favorite non-alcoholic beverage, there’s a myriad of options when it comes to drinking it.


Don’t be shy, own that you’re sober curious. If anything, you’ll be leading by example for those who seem caught in their never-ending, binge-drinking ways.

Whether it’s alcohol or cannabis, you can always lean your way into a sober lifestyle with help from the products listed above to further curb your cravings without going full-on cold turkey.

If you’re teased about being sober or not drinking at the next party, subtly remind your friends that you’ll probably out-live them anyways. 

November 26, 2021
Written by BuzzMusic
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November 26, 2021
Written by BuzzMusic
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