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Learn | 08.30.2022

The 7 Most Common Symptoms Of Cannabis Allergies

Is your body reacting weirdly after a toke? You might be one of the few people with a cannabis allergy.

Cannabis use is spreading like wildfire. We have newly legalized states and countries that are finally starting to make good use of the sacred plant.

But with widespread cannabis use comes a rush of new information in terms of how it affects humans and the possible outcomes of long-term cannabis use.

One interesting part about the recent rush of cannabis users is the subsequent rush of cannabis allergies. Yes, they exist, and they’re a pain in the ass to people who enjoy dabbling in THC.

You might be wondering, is it possible to be allergic to the cannabis plant itself, or is it something inside cannabis that triggers allergic reactions?

It’s less likely that people are allergic to cannabis as a whole. However, there are two different components of cannabis that can cause allergic reactions, as noted below.

Asthmatic Symptoms

While most cannabis users cough after a hit, you might be allergic to weed if you tend to cough and wheeze a little more than your friends. However, it’s worth noting that users with pre-existing lung conditions like asthma or recurring bronchitis might just be suffering symptoms from these conditions. If you‘re a rather healthy individual but wheeze and cough for about 10 minutes after a toke, maybe it’s been allergies all along.

"Cannabis – Fruits/Vegetables" Syndrome

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If you have raw fruit and vegetable syndrome, or fruit and vegetable syndrome in general, you‘re more prone to having adverse reactions to cannabis plants. It’s common for those with this condition to feel the same symptoms and allergic reactions from vegetables and fruits with cannabis (e.g., itchy mouth).

Nasal Congestion & Sore Throat

Some less severe symptoms of a cannabis allergy might appear through the throat and nose. Similar to how your body might react to pollen, it’s common for those with weed allergies to sneeze, cough, feel a scratchy throat, have nasal congestion and present watery eyes.

Eye Itchiness

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There’s a big difference between itchy eyes and red, bloodshot eyes. While most cannabis users often present red eyes for an hour or two after smoking, people with weed allergies will feel the need to rub and itch their eye areas long after a toke. This is one of the most common symptoms of cannabis allergies.

Runny Nose

As mentioned above, cannabis allergies present similarly to pollen allergies, meaning nasal congestion, runny nose, and sneezing will be present. If you tend to lean for the tissue box after a toke more than your friends do, consider if you might be allergic to marijuana.


While most cannabis-induced headaches present after a long day of continuous smoking, those with weed allergies will feel headaches coming on minutes after a hit. Because cannabis is known to help reduce headaches and other bodily pains, getting a headache after smoking is a clear indicator that you have an allergy.

Hives & Itchy Skin

Symptoms of a cannabis allergy won’t just present themselves through smoking but ingesting it too. Perhaps the most obvious giveaway that you‘re allergic to weed is that your body breaks out in hives or rashes and becomes uncomfortably itchy, so consider limiting your use or maybe quitting if your reactions become unbearable.

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